Thursday, 10 September 2009

if I were a rich girl.....

Just in case any of you are thrifty billionaires, Balmain, is now on sale at the  Oh my, obviously to drop £10k on the exquisitely beaded jacket is ridiculous but £4000.  Now that is truly a steal!

Still a girl can dream can't she?  Oh to have one of my girls in the super fabulous pink dress and maybe another with her gazelle like legs in the purple (yes that is a dress!).  Heaven.

I am in love with the lace top with the awesome shoulder pads which I feel would be stupendous with the fisherman pants.  Although can someone enlighten me about fisherman pants?!

And obviously I could not forget the epitome of city wedding design, the fantabulous short white dresses.  Simply delicious.
Balmain at


  1. I WANT that awesome one shoulder dress. Love IT!

  2. speaking of steals... don't you just love magazines that say stuff like "Everything thing on this page is less than $100!" and in reality everything is like, $89. Might as well be 100!

  3. Gah. As my dad would say "a lot off a lot is still a lot".

  4. Oh my goodness! That one strap dress on the bottom- to DIE for!

  5. i am in fact a thrifty billionaire! what a score haha.
    maybe not... but if any thrifty billionaires would like to send me some of those items, ill allow it :)


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