Sunday, 20 September 2009

if ever i need to fall in love again...

Now today is Sunday, and as a heathen (although can one be a heathen if they do not believe?) I feel it is a day for Poirot reruns, the Saturday Telegraph crossword and smiles.

And as I can offer you neither Poirot (well unless you turn to ITV3 if you are in the UK) nor the wondrous crossword I shall offer you smiles.

Thank you Bean for showing me this wondrousness.  It is because of your geeky websurfing I truly love you.

As the title says, if ever i need to fall in love again.  I leave you with the wonder that is a dating video montage from the eighties.  Good night and good luck.


  1. Nothing sexier than a guy who misreads his own handwriting while reading his list of must-haves on a dating video. I am just all hot and bothered over here.

  2. oh! its a shame that you can't make it tomorrow to the showroom!
    will be fun : in the hotel, seeing the latest collection...
    have a great day!!!

  3. oh. my. god. thank you for that. amazing!!

  4. "Hi Mom" AAAAHAHAH....oh man, that is good stuff.

  5. Hi. my name is monroe. as you've probably already noticed, i have incredibly blue eyes.



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