Friday, 4 September 2009

fantabulous etsy friday

Oh how I love etsy.  Seriously, when I first found it way back in 2007 I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  Yes, some tat is peddled but for the most part it is wonderful.  I cannot believe how creative some people are and how they are supremely inspiring.

So I thought I would dedicate my Friday posts to the behemoth that is etsy and the new exciting Folksy.  I remember the wonderful first few items I bought and was far too excited when they arrived.  The first things I ever bought from the wonderful USofA!!

Indeed the first item I ever bought was from the now super famous Paloma's Nest.  Oh yes, I am a trendsetter!!  I bought a custom bowl which I love so very much.  I can't show you it in all its glory as I don't want to reveal a little secret, just yet!  Ooo the intrigued continues.  However, here are some of the other beauties.  It really is wonderful to see such a talented artist grow.  

All images are courtesy of the inimitable Paloma's Nest

Seriously, if you have not seen the joy that is Paloma's Nest you need to go there right now!!  Even the wrapping is wonderful.


  1. love paloma's nest! and love your etsy friday idea :) happy weekend to you.

  2. I am like a late bloomer as I only discovered etsy late last year... these dishes are beautiful.. I love the simple and sweet messages.. And I am intrigued about your little secret!

  3. Etsy is seriously addictive, I agree.

  4. Love Paloma's Nest. I just need to bite the bullet and get something for my wedding. Grrr...

  5. Etsy is brill and the ring bearer plates are great - but so much choice!

  6. loving paloma's nest! so beautiful and you are lucky to have snagged a bowl!


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