Friday, 25 September 2009

à bien·tôt mes petit choux-fleurs

And so I leave you for slightly sunnier climes.  I will be back soon, I promise! 

I hope the next 36 seconds make up for my short absence!?  

Anna xx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

if ever i need to fall in love again...

Now today is Sunday, and as a heathen (although can one be a heathen if they do not believe?) I feel it is a day for Poirot reruns, the Saturday Telegraph crossword and smiles.

And as I can offer you neither Poirot (well unless you turn to ITV3 if you are in the UK) nor the wondrous crossword I shall offer you smiles.

Thank you Bean for showing me this wondrousness.  It is because of your geeky websurfing I truly love you.

As the title says, if ever i need to fall in love again.  I leave you with the wonder that is a dating video montage from the eighties.  Good night and good luck.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

oh how I miss you

Oh ladies (and hopefully a few gentlemen) I missed you.  I sort of hope you missed me?!  I just could not stay away. So I am slacking off this morning and it feels good!

I would like to congratulate Bean on his week of posts but I simply cannot.  2 posts in a week?  I am surely disappointed.  Only kidding my lovely Bean, you work far harder than I do.  All I can say is I will always want more.  Bean posts are the best!  I hope you all agree!

In all honestly I was (actually I still am) extremely busy with money making activities.  Anything for the wedding?! Yet do not fret, for as I try to inspire young medical students to work harder, I really am thinking about marvellous new things to write.  Oh the excitement I have in store for you lovely things in the next few weeks! Hopefully a super new feature, maybe something a little more serious and of course the general frothiness which I love to exude on these hallowed pages.  (If you have an idea of things you would like to see on the blog please do email me.)

Also just to clarify, the Bean and I will be holidaying from next Saturday (although naughty thieves should know our sweet little flat will be occupied by my delightful wee brother) so I will be around until next Friday.

Obviously I will  try seek out wi-fi to try and share my enthusiastic, yet ultimately a but rubbish, holiday photography!  (Seriously those awesome photographers amongst you, please bestow your kindest tips upon me!  I won't share them!)  Although I have a feeling this tiny little French village in which we will be staying will be sorely lacking in wi-fi opportunities.  However maybe that's the most thrilling part of a holiday, to be incommunicado, well apart from the food, wine and general frenchness!  Eek*, I am so excited.  As Bean said we haven't been on proper holiday in ages.  

So, I hope you enjoyed the Bean and hope you enjoy the next few posts before we go away. Huggles to all!

I am so happy to be in "almost holiday" mode!

*My new favourite "word"

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

wedding list wednesday

Well, again I’m guest blogging (though Anna doesn’t like me calling it that as apparently it’s “our blog”). Anyway, as it’s Wednesday it’s that time for us to come up with a lovely item to demand from our friends and family. For my first choice I’ll be aiming (slightly unrealistically) high with the Villain Chair.

A gorgeous, manly lounge chair where I can plot and stroke my cat. It might be a little extravagant at £4,500 but I prefer to look at it as an investment.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bean Vacances

Well, the wedding planning process seems to have stalled ever so slightly. We’ve decided on a date and narrowed the choice of venues down to a handful of places but as they’re all at the other end of the country it’s a bit of a bother actually going to see them. We can’t book them without seeing the place first and until we book the venue we can’t really, properly start organising anything else. Things just don’t really seem real just yet, but hopefully that will change.

So, we’re taking some time off, but instead of going to see wedding venues we’ve decided that we’re going away on holiday, which is something we haven’t actually done for over two years now. We’ve had long weekends going to see my parents up north or my sister in Edinburgh but not a proper going away holiday.

My parents have a house in the South of France, which, when I say it seems a bit like I’m bragging but my parents bought it on the cheap when it was basically derelict. We were all drafted in to go there “on holiday” painting walls and assembling furniture. Eventually I got a bit tired of this and the prospect of going to the same place on holiday every time so I stopped going and basically spent all my holiday time while I was at college working.

Now, looking back it seems a bit odd that my parents have a house in France but I haven’t actually been there in ten years. Maybe now is the time to be going back. We’ll just see how rusty my French is.

Friday, 11 September 2009

one moment can change everything

I can offer no words.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

if I were a rich girl.....

Just in case any of you are thrifty billionaires, Balmain, is now on sale at the  Oh my, obviously to drop £10k on the exquisitely beaded jacket is ridiculous but £4000.  Now that is truly a steal!

Still a girl can dream can't she?  Oh to have one of my girls in the super fabulous pink dress and maybe another with her gazelle like legs in the purple (yes that is a dress!).  Heaven.

I am in love with the lace top with the awesome shoulder pads which I feel would be stupendous with the fisherman pants.  Although can someone enlighten me about fisherman pants?!

And obviously I could not forget the epitome of city wedding design, the fantabulous short white dresses.  Simply delicious.
Balmain at

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

wedding list wednesday

Ooo. I'm going to get all conceptual!  This fabulous clock is only just in the design stage and how I want it to be real!

Its creator is Vadim Kibardin of KibardinDesign and consists of the only the figures and only produces the accurate time.  I love the way it could be attached to any surface.  As a chronic insomniac I would love to watch the minutes tick by on my ceiling (although I realise this is not a great idea).  I guess it would stop me checking my emails and twitter on my phone!!  Just imagine the possibilities!  Hope you get a chance to look at the other fabulous pieces on the site.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

jenny jenny you're the girl for me, you don't know me but you make me so happy

Oh Jenny Packham you make me swoon.
There are simply no words.

All Images from Jenny Packham and

Monday, 7 September 2009

a question of comedy?

Just a short few words today.  Must do work!  Love that you enjoyed my new etsy friday!


Should I be worried that Bean came up to me last night, kissed me on my head and said.
"mmm your hair smells like Herbal Essences (insert any cheap shampoo brand!)"
Now we were staying overnight at my parent's house (mainly because they are away and we get to see the kittens) and I had forgotten, shampoo, conditioner and a hairbrush.   

So he just knew.  Bless his metrosexualness!  O I love him so.

Also my brother was at home partying hard with his "harem" and one the kittens had missed 2 meals.  Something the big'un never does.  He loves his food.  I guess he was scared by the druken revellers.  Luckily he's back albeit super timid.  I guess they just miss their Mummy and Daddy.

Oh how I love you you giant ball of fur!

Friday, 4 September 2009

fantabulous etsy friday

Oh how I love etsy.  Seriously, when I first found it way back in 2007 I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  Yes, some tat is peddled but for the most part it is wonderful.  I cannot believe how creative some people are and how they are supremely inspiring.

So I thought I would dedicate my Friday posts to the behemoth that is etsy and the new exciting Folksy.  I remember the wonderful first few items I bought and was far too excited when they arrived.  The first things I ever bought from the wonderful USofA!!

Indeed the first item I ever bought was from the now super famous Paloma's Nest.  Oh yes, I am a trendsetter!!  I bought a custom bowl which I love so very much.  I can't show you it in all its glory as I don't want to reveal a little secret, just yet!  Ooo the intrigued continues.  However, here are some of the other beauties.  It really is wonderful to see such a talented artist grow.  

All images are courtesy of the inimitable Paloma's Nest

Seriously, if you have not seen the joy that is Paloma's Nest you need to go there right now!!  Even the wrapping is wonderful.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

oh the wonder

I am but a very small blip in the world that is blogs yet in the small time I have been around I like to think I have cultivated a tiny gaggle of wonderful followers and commenters.  I am beyond happy that you take the time to say hello.  Hugs all round!

Even more excitingly last week I had the chance to meet one of you in person.  With a little trepidation (what will she think of me, will I be cool enough, what should I wear!?!) I met the lovely Liv of Blushless!  She is simply wonderful and it is so nice to meet people on the same wavelength.  Obviously I was not cool enough for she is the fabulous designer of a new collection of the most amazing wedding dresses.

It was how I imagine obscenely rich ladies would feel when they met the designer of their new couture clothing.  It just makes the clothes evoke their emotions far more clearly to hear about her inspiration and the beautiful materials she sources.  Gosh I sound quite like the fashionista!  

Fabulously she is taking part in London Fashion Week which is running from the 18th-22nd this month.  She is showing her collection at the London Metropolitan Hotel on 22nd September.  An amazing opportunity for brides to meet Liv and try on her fabulous dresses.  If I am able to attend, I will definitely be there!  Far too exciting to miss.

So obviously you need to see the collection. So pop over to Blushless, now!  However, if you have mouse finger fatigue here are my favourites!

The wonderfully flirty LivLav                              The exquisite Lula                                           And the lovely Leni                            

I just love the sculptural details of each of the dresses.   

Here is the invite to the showroom.  I hope I get to meet a few of you there?!

P.S. Is everyone else loving yet a wee bit frustrated the new blogger editing functions?!  

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

wedding list wednesday - lights for lovers

Oh how I would love these to be on my wedding list. To have these in my home would make me beyond happy. Maybe they will sneak into my home without me having a wedding list. Just don't tell Bean. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't notice anyway!

I almost bought one of these babies at a Graham and Green warehouse sale but it was a little too dented and generally squashed to be worth it. Still love the design. It is a hefty thing but the way the light emanates from it is wondrous. Mmm to have a a wee snug illuminated by it!

This is an extremely extravagant little item. The feathers just look so soft and inviting. Perfect for the bedroom. Although if I'm honest I would prefer for it to live on the floor so I could caress it everyday!

These little babies cast such beautiful shadows. Who could resist? They look almost simple enough to recreate with a ceramic dome and tea lights or maybe even a single bulb? What do you think? A try to DIY?

Now these are a definite try to DIY. They are made from the bases of soda bottles by British artist Michelle Brand. So they are green, fabulous looking and potentially home makeable. Seriously what more could you want?!  

Sorry for the bumper posting session today. I just felt once I started I could not stop!

will you civil union me?

Occasionally we are very lucky in the UK. We used U's in our words, our history, whilst not always illustrious, is far reaching and wondrous and personally I would say we were a tolerant nation (well for the most part).

Since 2005, gay marriage has been legal. Whoop. Although this was also far too long overdue and does little to placate the, oft despicable, treatment of gay woman and men, in particular, in the recent past.  

Personally, I never could understand, even as a child, why there was any difference between sexual orientation? Maybe because my mother had a very close friend whom I was sure I knew was gay before I even knew what homosexuality was? He is a fabulous guy. My favourite uncle despite his propensity to give gifts of book tokens!

This change in law includes the normal legal and other financial allowances. Although they do still insist on the term civil partnership. Why on earth is there a need to continue to discriminate when you do finally offer the same rights to everyone? If my gay friends fall in love, I don't really expect them to ask their significant other to civil union them or for me to attend their civil partnership?

Meg from A Practical Wedding, wrote about the recent change in Vermont law which came into effect yesterday. Which made me want to find out how difficult it is to marry if you are gay in the USA. Most of this won't be news to you but I was astonished.

Seriously in 2009 only 4 states will perform a same sex marriage, Maine and New Hampshire will do so in the future, I hope, and a total of 9 (I think) will perform civil unions. I find this incredulous. For me marriage has nothing to do with religion, little to do with the law and is simply about publicly declaring you love of another. What was even the point of proposition 8? Why was their any need to regress to such an archaic time?

To be honest I don't even see the need to debate this.* It should be an undeniable right to marry the one you love no matter your sex. Why in this day and age should it even be an issue? Maybe I am naive? Although how is this any different from saying a a black guy cannot marry a white woman? Or an Englishman cannot marry a Tuvaluan lady? And vice versa ad infinitum.

Love is love is love. And to quote the Beatles, "Love is all we need."
Well and maybe some more progressive thinking.

I hope those of you in Vermont are enjoying your new rights to marriage.
The trees of discrimination are beginning to fall!

*I allow you to disagree with me if you must, as that is your right, but I will think you are wrong!

calling all londonish ladies

Just a super quick note.

I meant to write about this when I got their first email but totally forgot. I'm sure you fabulous ladies and gentlemen are aware of the awesomeness but just in case, have you heard about the Secret Sample Sale?

Open to the public from Friday but there is a secret extra day tomorrow starting at 2pm at the Boiler House off Brick Lane! Gar, if I could be there I would be there like a shot*. However you need special pass to get in. So just drop me an email! It costs but £1 for entry and there are simply amazing things to be found! I only ask you tell me of your finds!

Be there or be square!!

*Although as I am resolving to spend less it's probably a good idea that I can't make it!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

it's quite funny

Hello you wonderful people. So glad you enjoyed the kittens. Too cute!

So September is here. I know, how rude, it's crept up so quietly and now summer is almost over.

Anyhoo, I am sad to say we didn't manage to visit any of the proposed wedding locations. The new baby, House and the cutest toddler, Einstein* kept me and Bean far too entertained.

Mainly with Einstein's new catchphrase of, "it's quite funny" (how does a 2 year old understand the concept of scale?!!) and the cuteness of playing Boingy Boingy (throwing him up and down), we didn't really feel like doing much else. Also one of the Bean's brothers, Bear** sourced some amazingly delicious wild boar and also venison sausages from St Marcus and his subsequent mad BBQ skills left me beyond full.

I digress! So as I sit here on the first of September watching one of my favourite films of all time, The Bodyguard, I have little more to tell you. (It's like a musical but sooo much better - I want a katana and a silk scarf right now!)

Although I have had a few new issues raised. A future cousin, who is awesome, has intimated she would love to be bridesmaid. The future mother intimated that maybe we should look again in Scotland if I fear I might not be satisfied with a ceremony conducted by a random council employee. The boys were taunting me with ideas for Bean's stag party. (How they enjoy treating me like their little sister.) Even the ever present shocking revelation that I may wear a white dress reared its ugly head. I really don't think that I am crazy to want to wear a white dress. (I have been in a relationship with the same boy for almost 9 years I am hardly promiscuous and likely to melt the pretty white fabric from evil. Not that I have anything against non-white dresses but I feel it is the one day I can wear "the white dress.")

So now I have found another layer of thoughts I had yet to think about. There is no real pressure from anyone but I am quite able to stress about anything. Then in the next thought I think I am crazy for stressing and tell myself to get over it.

However the best moment of the weekend occurred when we were shuffling through hundreds of ancient photographs of Bean's family looking for a pretty wedding pictures. There are so many fabulous moments captured on film. It made me realise that photographs are really not for the subject of the image but for the generations to come. In amongst the papers we found the insurance certificate for the engagement ring which was dated the probable weekend of our wedding! Fate? I think so. It made me ridiculously happy to think that the week my future father proposed was the week forty odd years later I would marry his son.

Just one photograph we scanned from a wedding (no-one is quite sure which one) in the past. Beyond sweet.

*A pseudonym you might say - it started as Evil Midget Chimp (because he looked a little like that as a baby) which was shortened to EMC, evolved to E=mc2 and then obviously Einstein.

**A superbly apt name for he is a big cuddly bear.


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