Wednesday, 12 August 2009

wedding list wednesday

Hello, beautiful mixer! I have never ever seen such a fantabulous appliance. Where can I find one of these beauties? Anyone have any ideas? I fear it may be a limited edition.

Now it may seem I have mostly yearned after things for me but the boy is a fabulous baker and this would go down a storm with him. Well maybe not the pink but a marriage is about compromise is it not!!

Maybe this is the compromise?! Umm heaven!

I have never used a KitchenAid appliance before as I hail from a Kenwood family. Are they as fabulous functionally as they look?


  1. They are divine. I'm still saving up to buy one myself. They make cooking/baking much easier.

  2. They are awesome. They just mix together so well.

  3. i've never had one either, but it's on the wishlist :)

  4. you can get a lighter shade of pink in honor of breast cancer awareness. part of the proceeds go to the susan g komen foundation.

    i am saving up for an apple green one myself. we have a red one at the house and i am in LOVE with it. i actually engaged in custody discussions with my mom over it. but they are makes creaming butter and sugar such a breeze!

  5. i have one in saucy red, and honestly, i never use it... and i'm a cook!! but, i do have friends that use theirs all the time. i've never seen the bright pink one, but you can get a light pink one here...


  6. I put the standard Kenwood chef on my gift list and use it all the time... (also from a Kenwood family) If I had seen this first it may have taken preference - uber stylish! I wouldn't need to hide it in a cupboard!

  7. Brilliant, the purple is fab. I think I need one! Our kitchen is black & white so I think it would tie in great.

    I also grew up in a Kenwood home so not sure how it works - all I know is they are supposed to be great and therefore expensive!!!

  8. Ooh... I need to figure out how to cook, and then get one of these, and then I bet I would make some awesome stuff.

  9. they are AMAZING! my dream come true! So perfect for cupcakes!

  10. We JUST got ours! Only thing off our registry that I gave a damn about...well, that and a new ice cream scoop (hey, a girl has her priorities lol!)

    It is everything I dreamed and more. The Mr. finally stopped referring to it as "MY mixer" when he discovered the meat grinder attachment. Boys.

    PS. I adore the Green Apple color xx
    PPS. SO crazy easy to use and very well-made.

  11. OK, me again. That hot pink color is called 'cranberry' and I think it's pretty elusive. Perhaps American ebay?? GL!!

  12. Oooh, I'll tell you soon. The Boy bought me an almond one for our first anniversary. I like the Cranberry very much, tres sexy.

  13. we got a blue one for a wedding present and I use it all the time, at least several times a week for cakes & pastry.

    We also got a mincing attachment which we use to make all our own mince, and a pasta making attachment which we use to make pasta as well.

    It is fab and I can't remember what I/we did without it!


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