Tuesday, 11 August 2009

une affaire de goût?

I don't know whether you have seen the mini interviews set by the lovelies such as Accordions and Lace or Bridechka. Well it has also fallen to the equally fabulous Marie of Wife in the City to pose some hard hitting questions. Obviously I jumped at the chance!

So apologies in advance for the super narcissistic post but sometimes I think they are allowed? Here goes!

1. Why did you decide to get married in a registry office?

Shush do not tell anyone but I am not even christened. Do not fret however I do not spontaneously combust upon entering a church. I have tested this theory a number of times. I envy people who have true faith however it is just not for me.

Sure we could lie to our local priest and marry in the sweet church a couple of minutes walk from our flat but it just seems wrong. Even as an atheist I find it uncomfortable.

So our only real choice is to be married in a registry office or in a licensed venue. Oh how I wished we were like Scotland and we could have a Humanist ceremony. I promise it's not a creepy as Richard Dawkins makes it out to be! Obviously we could marry in Scotland but this leads to other issues. Also Bean and I quite like the idea of saying the same words of millions of people have said in the past.

(Something that also gets me a little angry are the people who marry in church just because it is pretty. Grrr. A whole new post that is currently simmering!)

2. Where did you first drink the Fabulous Gay Wedding and how do you make it?

Ahh the drink that has spawned a thousand questions! Are you a man, you do understand gay means homosexual, is Bean a girl? Whilst Bean is definitely a boy, trust me I've checked, he is deliciously metrosexual and can even look super sexy whilst sipping an overtly unmasculine cocktail.

Unfortunately my intense dislike for honey has made me avoid the apparently delicous drink. Bean first tasted its sweet nectar at Player. A cool little bar in Soho which is part of the Milk and Honey set. Oh to be a member one day. Now that would make a good wedding present! I know I shouldn't covet members only club but I can't help it sometimes. Actually I think I would prefer Soho House. Then I wouldn't need an excuse to pop over to NYC!

Anyhoo back on topic. I have no real idea how it is mixed but the ingredients are as follow and I know it's not that difficult to replicate.

gin, fresh lime, honey, cucumber, strawberries, raspberries, dash of vodders & champagne

I just asked Bean what it tastes like, his super unmetrosexual response - "mostly raspberries." Thanks for the in depth analysis, darling!

3. If you weren't a doctor what would you be?

This is a tough one. There are days when I hate my job. I have been working in the emergency department and I hate seeing what people can do to each other. At the same time I love being able to be there for someone and help them through what is usually one of their worst days.

Ultimately I know just working in a hospital will not fulfil me. I don't know what will and don't get me wrong I love being a doctor but its tough. I guess like any job.

My fantasy job would be a comedy writer for something like 30rock. So if any of you happen to be producers of such a show and think I'm funny, I promise I would be so much funnier in the US! Seriously my Brit charm would go down a storm!

Or I could turn blogging into a career that would be awesome! Do you think I could?!

4. What do you love most about London and where else would you live if it wasn't London?

Oh London, london I do love it so. I love that despite the palpable racial tension, that you feel sometimes when walking down a street, for the most part people do live in harmony together. I love that my polish grandfather was welcomed with open arms even before he fell in love with my beloved grandmamma. I love that you can do nearly anything you want when you live and love here. I am a London girl through and through I don't know if I'll ever want to leave. Maybe I would love NYC although I fear it is a little tall for me. If you know where to go in London you never meet a crowd and can feel quite alone (in the good way).

I would love to travel. Maybe buy an old land rover and drive it through Africa or island hop in the South Pacific for a couple of years. Like most of you I imagine I love going where no-one has met an English (or whatever) girl before. It's so much more fun that way! Maybe I would work in Tuvalu for a few years. I loved island life. The gossip, the booze, the people but I know I could not live there forever. I guess would want my future children to study in the UK until university at the very least.

5. What childhood hobby did you have that you wish you'd kept up?

Without a doubt it would be singing. As anyone who knows me knows I sing all the time. Quite tunelessly I'm sure. I loved singing in a choir when I was at school. I even got to sing at the Royal Albert Hall, St Martins in the Fields and a solo from Pergolesi's Stabat Mater (so beautiful you must listen to the first choral section) Southwark Cathedral. I was lucky to go to a good school in London and had more opportunities than most. I have tried to attend choirs since but they never feel right. If anyone knows of any fabulously fun choirs in London in need of a soprano do let me know! Also I wish I still played hockey (field) I haven't played since my university days and miss it so.

Oh gosh, this has turned into quite the epic!

Thank you so much Marie for sending me these questions. So fun to do, for me! I would love to repay the favour to any of my lovely readers. Just drop me a line and I'll think up some interesting (hopefully) and thought provoking (definitely) questions for you!

For those who have made it to the end. I shall dip another toe into the fast flowing stream away from anonymity!

Yes that is me brushing (with a hairbrush) our beautiful giant, long since passed, cat Simpson,* a truly amazing cat.

*a pseudonym!


  1. Awwww you are so cut with the cat! Ours used to sit in my bouncer instead of me!

    I would quite like some questions, but not sure I would have any interesting answers! ha ha!

  2. Fun interview! I am an atheist too and do not explode upon entering churches either.

    I think we could use some more British charm in the States. If I knew Tina Fey I'd link her to your blog. :)

  3. Oh you were (and I'm sure you still are) a cutie! Great interview. Although I gotta ask, how do you find time to blog AND save lives?!!! I'm in awe!

  4. Brilliant! I love a glimpse into the wonder that is behind Anna & the Ring! And anytime you are feeling the insatiable urge to ask up questions via the blogosphere, I humbly offer up mine to the sacrifice :) I love to talk about myself ha!

  5. Great post - I love how little clues to your and the Bean's characters and relationship are being revealed to us!
    I also laughed out loud at you giving your cat a pseudonym, I’m not sure why, sorry! But it does make you seem sweetly protective of your dearly departed puss.

  6. Thanks so much for answering these and I love your answers! I shall look into the fabulous gay wedding, it sounds yummy! Tuvalu also sounds good, although for now I'll stick to London. And yes NY is too tall, I'm not sure I like all those sky scrapers in Manhatten.

  7. great post! it's lovely to get to know you a little better. :)

    don't let new york scare you... there are some tall parts, sure--i avoid times square/midtown like the plague--but there are also plenty of lovely little neighborhoods that don't tower above you.

    and i also wasn't christened. meh! agreed that marrying in a church as someone who's not active in one feels a little odd/wrong!

  8. great interview!! i love hearing about blogger's real lives. i need to try that cocktail!!

  9. Oooh, I would love to live in NY one day too. It's such an amazing place isn't it???

    And I didn't know you had to be christened too if you wanna marry in a church. I just didn't want to attend those classes(?) with the pastor before the wedding! Lolz...

  10. For what it's worth, at least for a Catholic wedding, you have to show your baptismal certificate to get married in the Church. I think Lutherans require it as well. My husband did not have to show his baptismal cert. to his pastor, but he had shown it a few years previously when he had joined that church, so they already had the record.

    Blushing, the pre-marital counseling really wasn't bad. We both liked it and my husband teeters on agnosticism. But we talked about issues we had not talked about before. I like any opportunity to talk about myself, so I was fine with it.

    We had the easy version -- my 25-yr-old cousin went to the counseling where they had to write out a budget, talk about who was going to take out the trash, who was going to cook, etc, etc. Whether you do that through a church or on your own, it's certainly good to hash those things out before you marry!


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