Tuesday, 25 August 2009

through the looking glass (well sort of)

The eternal question for a myopic, slightly vain, girl.

Glasses or contact lenses or even laser eye surgery?

Straight away I have to discount eye surgery. Mainly because my prescription has not settled yet and until all laser eye doctors have laser eye surgery I will not trust it!! Also the main problem with laser surgery is that a significant number of patients still have to wear glasses.

I have always been a glasses girl. Although unlike my brother I was lucky only to start wearing them at the tender age of 16. Despite the geeky connotations I do quite enjoy wearing glasses. I guess I like that I can hide behind them and they can frame my otherwise unremarkable face! The only real "problem" I find is that they can make my eyes look ridiculously small, like a cartoon. Does anyone have any tricks to help?

Obviously, the increasingly vain Anna that I have become since the engagement has led me to seek out these thin little iris sheaths. I cannot believe how easy they are to use. I guess I have just listened to far too many horror stories. I won't use them everyday but they are so handy and I can wear cool sunglasses at last!

I have been slightly surprised by the reaction I have received from people since wearing them. Even my closest friends did not notice I wasn't wearing my glasses. Admittedly they were more fixated by the new hair but they really didn't notice. Maybe glasses aren't such an obvious feature as I've always thought?

Yet why is it fine for a man to wear glasses on his big day and for the lady so horrifying?

I shall end with my favourite quotation as I am a serious ideas person. Indeed far more than possessing any actual practicality.
"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast"
In my head these words are said by Queenie from Blackadder and it sounds so fabulous!

Really cannot wait to see the film!


  1. i'm a contacts and glasses girl myself and have actually considered laser eye surgery but i decided against it because a) my prescription hasn't settled yet either but mainly because of b) i just got an awesome pair of glasses last year that i am utterly in love with. and if i can keep getting cute glasses i'll wear them for the rest of my life. swear.

    that said, i'll probably go double duty on the big day, since it's what i do now anyway. contacts during the ceremony and bring along my glasses for later should my eyes get uncomfy. the boy will be donning his glasses because that's all he wears.

    i also don't know why people get all weird about their glasses on their wedding day. if it's fine for all the other days, why not this one?

    and yes, i'm am immensely excited for that film! i think tim burton is going to nail the slightly creep vibe from the book!

  2. I'm a bit of both girl also. I started wearing them at the age of three, so they really are part of my face. I've been tol that I'm wearing contqcts on my wedding day (he's used to me in glasses but far prefers lenses) which i would have done anyway. I'm not goingto have laser eye surgery because I'd still have to wear glasses, and someone I know had it and the things she told me freaked me out. she was only under LOCAL anaesthetic! ugh. no thank you. anyway, I like my eyesight, its part of me.

  3. Im a bit of both too! Although I have slightly dry eyes so I only use the daily disposable lenses and only really use them to go out at the weekend etc.

    I will def be wearing my contacts for the wedding. Graham wears glasses too but only for reading so he wont be wearing them at the wedding either.

    I am still considering laser surgery too, altough im sure if my presription is settled enough either, as I always have to pay an extortionate amount to get my glasses lenses thinned to an acceptable size so I dont look like I have massive milk bottles on my head! Sadly I couldnt afford to get my sunglasses thinned too and they are hilarious!

    I would really really really love to be able to wake up in the morning and actually be able to see instead of scrambling for my glasses! {I can only see when I have mistakenly left my contacts in after a night out - not a good idea!}

    This is reminding me that I need to make a appointment at the opticians now since my prescription is out of date!

  4. I'm contacts all the way since getting them at 14 and being completely delighted at losing my piggy eyes. But my prescription is really bad -12 shortsighted. Eye surgery would do hardly anything I'd get a few numbers off that and get a weaker prescription! I'm waiting until they make it better and can cure my bad eyes totally! But my glasses are so horribly thick even with the thinner lens type so of course I choose contacsts. I'd decide once you have your dress and idea of your outfit and whichever feels "right".

  5. I'm a recent contacts convert and am still totally wide-eyed amazed at what I have been missing – but that could be because I often forget to wear my glasses and so wonder around quite blind.
    I have found watching TV or worse cinema without a protective shield between me and the screen a little overwhelming at first, though. Glasses are sometimes my comfort blanket!

  6. I totally wore glasses for my wedding--I wouldn't have felt like myself without them!

  7. I wear both glasses and contacts too! Although I started with contacts and ended with glasses. The problem with me is that I constantly forget my glasses everywhere, so I usually only wear them occasionally. So I wore my contacts for my wedding. Once you have your whole outfit together it will be easier for you to decide!

  8. I wear glasses, but no contacts, and I just left my glasses on the dresser for my wedding day. The truth is, although I've worn glasses almost every day for about 20 years, I've never really liked the way any of them look on me. I usually abandon them for dressy occasions -- as long as I'm not trying to read or drive, my eyesight is good enough to manage!

    That said, I love photos of other brides in their glasses. It's a great flash of personality, especially if the bride's glasses are really chic and cool, like A.'s!

  9. Funnily enough, I got new glasses a couple months ago and I've reverted to wearing those every day after the myriad of compliments I've gotten! Now I only wear contacts if I know I'm going to be out in the sun for a long time, as I don't have prescription sunglasess. I'm also planning on wearing them for the wedding, although I may change my mind about that. I love brides with glasses!

  10. I'm a contacts girl. For some reason I equate me wearing glasses to looking geeky. Probably b/c I spent most of my teens in glasses and I had these terrible looking ones. I think makeup can help with your eyes looking bigger.

    p.s. I'm with you...until I see all eye doctors with no glasses on...I'm not doing it!

  11. I can't wait to see the movie too! It looks awesome.

  12. I'm a glasses girl, but I got a special order of contacts for the wedding and honeymoon (nothing I hate more than foggy lenses, which happens whenever I blush or get hot!).

    You'd be alright to wear glasses on the big day, but the bit about them making your eyes look tiny is a big negative. Go for the contacts and show off them peepers!

  13. I'm a contacts girl all the way. Glasses just look awful on me (seriously!). I would go with contacts for your big day, but I'm biased because I'm not a glasses fan.

  14. Afraid to say that my story is currently not-particularly-useful to you, Anna, but I hope someone might find it helpful...

    I had laser surgery in December 2006 and it has been amazing! I say "has been" rather than "was", as the experience itself wasn't that great.

    The procedure was fine - no pain, only incredibly squeamish-making. As I'd been sticking a finger in my eye most days since I was fourteen (yay lenses), I'm not too squeamish, but you do find yourself thinking of Clockwork Orange when they clamp your eyes open. It's actually really easy to keep your eyes open - I imagined that I'd be itching to blink, but the whole thing went smoothly.

    The problems came afterwards - the first couple of days were so bleak. The pain was low, but dull; the constant need to apply anti-biotic eyedrops was extremely irritating; and the boredom and frustration at sitting in a darkened room wearing sunglasses was overwhelming.

    I also went back to work too early, and almost had a meltdown while dealing with the client from hell and an unsympathetic manager. I'd definitely recommend at least a fortnight of recuperation.

    I now have better than 20:20 vision (yes, that does exist!) and I would recommend it to anybody who has just never felt like a "glasses person".


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