Sunday, 2 August 2009

sunday shoe shrine

So obviously a Sunday shoe shrine cannot be without fantabulous shoes and well Lanvin you always do me proud.

From the delicious grey, to the sculptured heel and then the luscious detail. Je t'aime.

Now to sort of affordable, yet fabulous shoes?

I am in love with all of these shoes and the are slightly more affordable, well less than £150!!! The best part is their fantabulous purple sole. I am in love. So much better than flashing a red sole, don't you think?!

Oh the pretty lace overlay (somewhat similar to another shoe?!), the cute pink flat, the heavenly, legs will become Amazonian, nude, the delicious pink suede and the delightful satin.

Do any of my fabulous antipodean friends have any feedback about Peeptoe Shoes? Are they as pretty in the flesh?


  1. Cool, love the purple sole!

    Maybe a way to incorporate my colour without going for purple shoes!

  2. The purple sole is FANTASTIC. I probably can't walk in those, but they are fabulous. =)

  3. love the purple shoes and lace ones :)


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