Monday, 3 August 2009

so to exciting news

Whoop I am now a new faux auntie. That is my sister to be has just popped!
A waterbirth outside - crazy lady.

Unfortunately she is far far away and so we shan't be able to see the new little one for a couple of months. Sob. Now I would publish a photo, indeed Bean thinks that all babies look the same (blasphemy), but I don't want to without a mother's consent and to ask consent would make people aware of "the words."

So I thought I would publish a photo of myself. At last I am no longer anonymous, well sort of!

So here I am with my newly born little brother who is barely recognisable and yes that is my mother trying to strangle him - I cropped her out because even 24 years on she hardly looks any different.
I do love my outfit. I love the fact I was already accessoring as a 3 year old!

Yay for babies!


  1. Yay for babies indeed! And you were already fantastic as a 3-year-old :-)

  2. Congratulations!!!! You are going to be a fantastic auntie.

    You were adorable. Love the blue green combo and the bangs. ;)

  3. Congratualtions Anna! You look so adorable in the picture! I love how you have your hand on your hip and you are doing a perfect pose for the camera:-)

  4. omg. you were so cute it's ridiculous. i'm sure you're even cuter now!

    congratulations on being an aunt. it's the best!!


  5. Oh thats such great news! What a nice way to start the day :)


    p.s. When you get a chance, I need your opinion on something.... xo

  6. Anna, congrats on the new family member.

    You were tres adorable. Fashion sense as a toddler - rocking!

  7. Yay, congratulations! 5 weeks till i get to be an auntie!

    Im all babies babies babies at the mo so lovely news! Im currently wrapping a pressie for the London baby just now!

  8. congrats!! i love the hand on the hip pose....truly posh even at a young age.

  9. ah! cute photo!



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