Wednesday, 5 August 2009

oh to have a chic city wedding

Now that we have (almost definitely - yes Bean never say never!) ruled out a city wedding I can fantasize how it would have played out. Well, dresses and shoes, for this post!

How fabulous would this dress, by Alberta Ferritti, be on the steps of the pretty, pretty King's Road registry office with rose petals floating all around? I would wear it with a cute high (almost empire line) sash, maybe nude tulle with similar beading.

Oh if I had the legs I would wear this darling dress to my own wedding. Unfortunately, I am a girl blessed and heavy with bosom but not height.

Maybe paired with the shoes that are the focus of my current obsession! Oh Mr Jonathan Kelsey you are really spoiling us!

With a least one lovely lady wearing this gorgeous offering. Seriously, look at the back of the dress! I would definitely offer to pay and then ask for it back after! Now that must be an etiquette faux pas!

Oh Bean, am I changing my mind? No, I know what I want. I think!

P.S. I shall give you the direct link to each of these beauties rather than just a link to TheOutnet so you can try and refrain from skipping merrily through the fabulous pages of heavily discounted items! However I shall not be held responsible for any purchases made!


  1. That neckline is gorgeous.
    Maybe we can just all have two weddings with multiple outfits?? :D

  2. i love the back of that dress. if you do pay and ask for it back, may i borrow it? heh.

  3. the shoes are amazing :) both dresses are beautiful.

  4. that back is so sweet. im diggin the shoes too. no wonder you're a wishpot expert!


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