Sunday, 9 August 2009

oh for the joy of shopping

The sun is shining, the sun is shining!

So just a quick post to show you my exciting new purchase!

If only I knew how to add sound. For the sound the cute little bird makes is joyous!

Bean thinks it looks like a Cylon - from Battlestar Galactica apparently?! I think it looks like Mandora the Evil Catcher from the Thundercats. Oh gosh I fear I have revealed our super geekiness!

What are your exciting weekend purchases!?!


  1. uuuhhhh... i'm pretty sure my exciting purchase is going to have to be that alarm clock.

  2. ooohhh love that alarm clock! great purchase!!
    My exciting or more like not that exciting purchase was etching cream to make monogram glasses for the groomsmen. Still need the glasses though...

  3. Looks fab! I do love habitat!
    Not really any exciting weekend purchases for me, but lovely bridesmaid dress shopping and baby visiting!

  4. ok, that is pretty cool. and I love Bean even more for being a BSG fan.

  5. geeks rule!

    my big fat weekend splurge was on the alterations for my dress. it'll be worth it, i'm sure, but my g-d everything is adding up!

    on a side note, i LOVE LOVE that you and the boy are contemplating meat pie pops!!! please do it, do it for me! stranger though i am. :)

  6. It does look a little like a cylon bird - all the more reason for buying it!

  7. HA. i'm with bean on this one. cylon, all the way.

  8. Totally a cylon bird! Make sure it doesn't turn on you missy.


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