Thursday, 6 August 2009

my polyvore premiere

Hello my loyal readers. I am so grateful for your kind words and lovely thoughts.

I fear my focus has been somewhat off the wedding lately.

I guess mainly because we are unable to really do anything until we have agreed upon a venue.
Hopefully before the end of October - this all depends on Bean! No pressure darling!

So I hope you do not mind my frequent jaunts away from marriagedom?

I hope what I write is still of some interest to you all?

However I felt a polyvore effort was on the cards as I've never tried it before.

Behold the magnificence?!?

This is truly how I want the wedding, no my entire life, to feel.


  1. Ooh good job! It looks fabulous!
    Inspiration boards are such a good way to illustrate what sort of vibe you are after.. a picture always speaks a thousand words, after all.. you have inspired me to have a go as well..
    Those shoes are awesome

  2. I love all the hot pink/fuschia. Very sharp!

  3. you weren't kidding about magenta. ferocious!

  4. So the pink makes up for the lack of wedding related posts?!

  5. Oooh love the chaise!

    I dont mind the lack of wedding related posts as you always have really fab things to share and we know there will be plenty wedding info to come!

  6. Love that pink chaise!! Looking forward to the non-wedding posts! I've been doing the same lately.

  7. I adores that chaise. So lovely. Great board.


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