Saturday, 22 August 2009

give it to me straight

Just a quick bit of frippery for a Saturday morning.

Oh my I have caved! I have finally bought hair straighteners (and yes they are ghd's). Whilst my hair does look kind of cute when curly, it does tend to frizz at the merest hint of water vapour.

They were delivered this morning and now I have ridiculously sexy hair. I just can't stop touching it and looking in the mirror. Believe me when I say that is something I never ever do. Too exciting. I may be gone for a while!

P.S. Does anyone have any tips for the perfect product to protect my newly ironed tresses?


  1. not sure on products - we have one of these too. i love it. but i just saw the salon downstairs selling pink and purple ones, hmph!

  2. WestAussieWedding22 August 2009 at 15:49

    Noooo!!! I would do anything for some beautiful curls!! I have even contemplated a perm!!
    I can't believe there are people out there actually straightening their hair!
    Don't do it! Your curls are beautiful!! :)

  3. oh, the flat iron... my hero. i go in once a week to get mine done because short of putting it in a pony, hair really confuses me. she uses this stuff on me,

    also, you'll want to wash it and brush it as little as possible because they both promote dryness, or frizz. this may sound gross, but us naturally curly-haired girls can usually stand to go a few days without a wash. and, i don't ever brush mine. i just run my fingers through it in the morning.

    hope this helps!


  4. oh west aussie, you would not be uttering those words if you had curly hair. i agree that it is beautiful, but it can be the BIGGEST nightmare to style and maintain! curly-haired women don't wake up with a head of gorgeous curls; all that prettiness takes a good hour of work... every day. :(

  5. On Celia. I am doubly unlucky. I am cursed with the wave/frizz and the oil. I really prefer/have to wash my hair everyday. Grrr.

  6. wetaussiewedding - i sometimes use the straighteners to put a little wave in my hair. it stays longer too.

    i used to day dream about perms but every time i'd mention it to a hair stylist they'd say HAIL NO. all curly haired girls want straight hair and the straight haired girls want curly!

  7. WestAussieWedding23 August 2009 at 13:35

    Katie yes too true we all want what we haven't got, I have had the same reactions from hairdresses basically flat out refusing to do it!
    Haha Wet Aussie wedding I wish Id called my blog that!

  8. have you tried Redken's Silk? I looove it!

  9. make sure you get some protective spray to put on your hair before you iron it!

  10. this is going to sound too weird, but KY jelly is really the best humidity blocker (works well when you go curly, too). good luck!

  11. KY? And you just happen to have that lying around at home?!


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