Monday, 10 August 2009

and now for the science bit?

So Wishpot, which is an online registry for weddings, babies and general wantings, in their infinite wisdom has deemed me "fabulous"* enough to become a Wishpot Expert!!! (*My words not theirs!)

Now when they first contacted me I was a little wary since I am still unsure whether I really want or need a wedding registry. However after a quick look at their great website I realised that it wasn't just a registry site.

It enables me to collate all my wantings together whether they be heart shaped paperclips or fabulously extravagant amethyst geodes.
Go and have a look at my profile, I've made quite a few lists! Oh, the joy, it means I can plan several different styles of weddings at the same time! Whoop!

Just click on the button below and enjoy my so called fabulous taste!!

Disclaimer - Whilst I will recommend Wishpot as a gift registry I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages which may occur through use of this site. Obviously!


  1. hi5 fellow expert! i see one list - are your other lists private? guuurl.

  2. congrats! ohh, this is very cool! I've never heard of it, but i'll definitely check it out :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest blog post on the English Muse too!


  3. fun! congrats, your expertness! :)

    I tried something similar to this but decided it wasn't for me. I'll have to check out wishpot.

  4. Yey, thats cool, congrats!

    Sounds fab to create loads & loads of lists full of fab things!

  5. very cool site - thanks for the post


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