Tuesday, 14 July 2009

what in carnation?

“My name is Anna, and I love carnations.”

Admittedly not all of them. I do not love pastel shades, most variegated sorts but if the boy brought home a huge bunch of deep pink (OK so it is mostly the dark pink carnations I love) babies I would not be disappointed. In most flower markets the price per stem is far less than most other flowers I love and most of all the have such a beautiful scent. More bang for your buck you might say!!!

Indeed I do not completely understand the out and out hatred of the flower. They may be currently making a little comeback but I recall being perplexed when everyone (apart from carrie) hated them way back in the days of SATC. Why is there such hatred? I can understand why there is disgust when faced with a petrol station bunch such as these.

Bleurgh. (Also love Gypsophila on its own.) Carnations should never (well almost never) be used as a filler flower, they can cheapen the look of even the most high end bouquet.

However, I love their frilly almost misshapen edges. Their tiny buds which bloom into such large flourishes which are quite resilient to the debauchery of a wedding! (I have no idea why I keep thinking my wedding will be debauched – perhaps it is just a dream the day will be fun and also I would quite like to set up couples – I know, I know it’s a terrible idea but I can’t help it.) Their perfume to me is the quintessential flower aroma. I also love that they are edible and used from cupcake decor to production of the liqueur, Chartreuse (although I can’t say it’s my favourite tipple).

Nonetheless, when they are used en masse in arrangement I find them chic with a slightly whimsical* feel and perhaps most pleasingly for a future bride, inexpensive. Maybe I have been lucky on my journey down Carnation Street (sorry a very bad attempt at British soap satire) and blinded by my inexperience.

So how do you feel about this floral pariah?

*another word I’ve fallen in love with since starting my blog. We simply do not use it enough in the UK!! Also apologies for lack of photo credit.


  1. I did not know carnations are edible!
    And, are those carnation balls FLOATING in the pool? Omigoodness.

    I have to admit, they aren't my first pick, but we might use them and daisies because of our limited flower budget. They add a burst of color and smell lovely. And they are cheaper. What could be wrong with that?

    *Whimsical is a great word. I'm sure it sounds 100 times better when you say it too. =)

  2. Oh my those big balls of carnations are just lovely! I have never felt one way or the other about carnations before but you may have just swung my opinion over to warm and fuzzy in the area of these little guys.

  3. I love the second arrangement. So pretty! I have to admit I was one of those people who poo-poo carnations, only b/c my highschool bf told me they were considered 'cheap.' Oh, how young and foolish I was!

  4. yes, yes, yes! i think that these look great in big, monochromatic bunches. the fuchsia example is my favorite.

  5. i will admit i wasn't feeling the carnation at first but once i started seeing pictures of them en masse like above, then i fell in love with them as well. they look fabulous bunched together like that. i'm actually considering using white carnations as bridesmaid bouquets.

  6. I am all about this and will definitely be using them in our wedding!!

  7. pretty! i think the hatred started with sex and the city. its weird how that show has triggered so many trends- cosmos, anyone?

  8. i LOVE the wreath! whenever my man picks up some flowers for me there's always a sad little carnation hidden in the bunch and i'll give it a pretty little vase on it's own.

  9. I think the hatered comes just from their ubiquity and the gloomy garage sale bunches.
    Have you ever hear of these guys?
    A family company from the isles of Scilly they do the most heavenly smelling Narcissi in the winter and spring and at this time of year it's all about scented pinks. I always use them when I've forgotten a birthday as they do next day delivery - gosh they smell amazing!

  10. I think most people turn up their noses at carnations because they are so inexpensive and they are almost always used as a "funeral flower". I personally love them...but only when they are on their own. Mixed in with other flowers I hate them. But when you get a bunch together and let them shine they are incredibly beautiful!

  11. I think caranations are a great way to bring a lot of color to a wedding, since they come in pretty much every color under the sun. I LOVE the idea of using a carnations as a base for the escort cards!

  12. i love them too! and so many other formerly taboo flowers - baby's breath, mini daisies, etc. etc. i think i might have the cheapest florist bill on the planet!

  13. I love carnations. I am so glad to be out of the closet on that one! They smell great, and thing they are wonderful when they are bunched tightly together.

  14. dammit! i wrote a comment on this one yesterday, but obviously forgot to click "post comment". it's getting to be my bedtime, so i don't remember exactly what it said, but rest assured it was hilarious and witty!


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