Wednesday, 15 July 2009

wednesday is for imaginary wedding lists

Now, I have no idea if we will have a wedding list. I understand the reasons why they were used in the past but by the time we marry we will have lived together for 2 years. Also, I do think it is a little weird to ask people to your wedding and then expect "stuff." On the otherhand, do I ever turn up at a friend's house emptyhanded?

Also renting in London is expensive and as a result we have "stuff" but not necessarily the stuff I want to use as we move on in our life. But, why does being married mean that I have to use fancy crockery or cutlery? Oh, yes I forgot I sort of bought some new crockery last week, it was half price, whoop! What do you think? It was from a site called Brand Alley and won't arrive for a few weeks.
I haven't bought the cups (we already have too many!) but we will hopefully have plates and bowls.

Oh yes we also have some "fancy" cutlery from Habitat and the boy's (well my) family bought us some super pretty glasses for an angagement present. I don't have a picture of the glasses as they are still at my parent's home but our super heavy cutlery with laser etching is called Maisy and she makes me very happy! Yay for the sales!

So thinking about it we do have some yummy things and so what would I really want as a "present?" Hmm, I guess this will mostly turn into a list of stuff I want but I will add a few choices the boy is in love with!

So what will be the first choice? Something fantastically extravagant. And when I say extravagant I mean extravagant!

Well I thought I would start being at at £16 000(!) I think these constitute big. They are from a shop near Sloane Square and I used to see them on the way to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a student. I do recall dreaming about living inside such a fabulous geode. I dreamt everything would sparkle and I would bask in the glow of the purple beautifulness. The other use I would love would be as fantabulous speakers either side of a spectacular fireplace. One day, anna, one day! Just take a look at their website, seriously who wouldn't want one of their fossils or minerals.

So what's your view on wedding lists?


  1. We are still undecided on the whole wedding list thing too - by the time we get married we will have lived together for 3 years and probably have everyone we need.

    However, a lot of our stuff is basic Ikea so I would love some proper dishes and cutlery etc but not much else. For that I think we are going to have a list at John Lewis since you can also put vouchers on it - I also used to work there!

    But we are also considering the honeymoon gift list idea although im not sure how comfortable I feel about pretty much asking for money, although its no different from asking for gifts in the first place!

    So we are totally undecided too.

  2. we're moving in together fresh after the honeymoon, but we both still felt weird about the wedding list thing.

    it's awkward to invite your friends to a party and then say, "oh, by the way. buy this for me."

    we ended up making a wedding list while also reiterating over and over that gifts aren't necessary. this way, friends who feel weird not getting a gift but don't know what to get, will have a few ideas.

  3. Wedding lists are super weird. They feel weird. You feel like a jerk making them.

    But we did one because people wanted one. As presumtuous and greedy as they may make you feel, your guests often really do want them, so who were we to be above it? I am sure you figure out what is best to do based on those sorts of considerations too!

  4. I'm for lists - if you have a lot of stuff already all the more reason to have one ... my best friend received five (five!) chopping boards. Her husband is a keen cook and they already had all the chopping boards they wanted!
    And you know you can avoid the ubiquitous John Lewis and go for something more you, like a book shop or art shop. Or ask people to give towards one thing you really love and want (sofa, bed, holiday).
    It feels weird asking for presents because it's not something you normally do (unless you wrote lists to Santa!) but I think most guests prefer the ease of it - but that's just my view on it.

  5. I like the plates and cutlery a lot, but those big phallic purple things? Hmmmm. They frighten me.

  6. i'm with you on the lists (or as we call them over here, registries!) - it feels VERY weird to make a list of presents you want - especially when you genuinely don't want people to feel they have to buy you a present. we ended up making registries with a couple of stores, just because so many people said it was a good idea. and i suppose it does make sense, in a way - there are always going to be those people who WANT to get you something, but have no idea what you want or need, so it's a good way to help them out. my biggest problem with it is how to emphasize that we DON'T NEED PREZZIES!! while simultaneously telling them where we're registered. feels very odd!!


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