Wednesday, 29 July 2009

wedding list wednesday

So in lieu of me actually letting myself onto my darling blog this week I still thought I should not deny you the prettiness! Oh how I miss you blog world. I do still check my email (obviously!) so I am ecstatically happy when I receive a word or two from the lovelies that you all are. I will reply this weekend when self imposed horror week is over! Anyhoo!

I must say I am known for my love of the heart and would happily fill my home with all things heart if I didn't have some restraint or dare I say it, taste!

I would love this mirror in a little girl's room.

This would be my chair in my home office for reading all those journal articles that will pile up at feet. I can just see the little table to the side and me with my legs crossed snuggling into the left hand side! Whilst I love, love, love the colour, I fear a darker colour would be more suitable when I am juggling pens, coffee and knowledge. Hmm, maybe fuchsia or a beaten up tan leather?

Also could I love this console table in a hall anymore?!

All from Deadgood. I love their stock and one day I may own at least the fantabulous chair!


  1. that chair.. it calls to me....

  2. Yes I realize I am a bit partial to the heart as well.. so sweet!

  3. The mirror was a little too heart-y for me, but the chair and the table... Goddamn! I have to stop cruising the net, my me-wantie-list is driving me nuts!

  4. i LOVE that chair. i have to say i share your love of all things heart-shaped (ok, maybe not ALL things, but many!).... there is just something about that shape - simple, yet interesting, and just so satisfying to draw :)

  5. Wow, everything you've posted here is so adorable! I love that chair, and the corners of that table, so sweet :)


    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my guest blog post!

  6. Oh my word that table is adorable!

  7. I really love that mirror. It's so cute!

  8. Oh your sweet comments have really got me through "hell week"!

  9. deadgood have some great stuff! went to a small exhibit of some of the furniture a few months ago in Newcastle. I think the chair was my favourite piece :)


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