Wednesday, 22 July 2009

wedding list wednesday

How I love the idea of pretty roller blinds. Ella Doran offers blinds with heavenly vistas, gorgeous flowers and other wondorus creations. I love the idea of this blind in my kitchen, especially at the moment when, whilst we look out onto a tiny little flowerbed, the main view is of, albeit pretty, garages. I am also in love with the idea of drift planting for when I am a grown-up with fields at my disposal. Pretty, pretty wild flowers are heavenly.

Or how about your own customised blind. I would use the image from below in a bathroom (well maybe not the chicest bathroom!) I took it when I was sunning myself in Tuvalu when the kids just started playing around me. And yes, there were hundreds of photo fails before I got, what I felt was, the best photo!


  1. I love the blind - particularly the orchid one she does - not that i really have any windows it could go on!

  2. I like the kids playing one that you took! So sweet and restful with the sea behind - plus it is a memory of yours. The one with the palm frond on her site is nice too!

  3. Beautfil picture of the sea and kids - amazing colours! You could get it printed onto wallpaper and paper one room of your bathroom with it?


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