Sunday, 12 July 2009

the v&a, yay!

I love the Victoria & Albert Museum. Well, I loved it a lot more when my father worked there and I could meet him for a drink around the corner at one of my student bars (ohh southside) to pick up the photocopying or printing I inevitably would have asked him to do for me. Sorry V&A!

Anyhoo, it is still one of my favourite museums in London (mainly because it is one short bus ride away) and I am often sneaking a look at forthcoming exhibitions. Apart from the recent exhibition by milliner Stephen Jones, what caught my eye was a forthcoming (well 2011) exhibition on wedding fashion from 1840 onwards. Well of course it would, I'm engaged!

Does it make me seem a little narcissistic that I may want to submit a photo of me and the Boy one day? Probably yes!

Definitely worth a look - The V&A - even if you are going to skip on and look at the fabulous other exhibitions. Yey London.

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