Friday, 3 July 2009

tonsurephobia, and a confession

Now I understand that technically this is a grammatically incorrect word and also the fear of barbers but I have a serious case of hairdresser fear!

I really do, I have no idea why. I've never had any hideous haircuts but I would much rather go and see my dentist than sit in that evil chair with mirrors everywhere!

I have long curly (read unruly) which used to be pretty and straight (read manageable). I just find it frightening to sit in the chair with an artist who wields scissors. I was the girl who cut her own hair (only ever a straight line, nothing too tricksy!) and I have not visited the demon's chair in over 18 months.

However, the boy (and if I'm honest myself) felt that it was time I did something with my hair. (I would have donated the length if it hadn't been so hideously out of condition.) So I "valiantly" found a lady who didn't scare me (had hair that I liked!) and she was so gentle with me. She explained everything she was doing and why and when she finished I really felt amazing.

I have gone from crazy banshee lady to sleek (although still with a few curls), layered, side sweeping fringe lady. No pictures yet as I'm still quite loving the anonymity but I am sure they will come. Trust me I am one happy bunny.

I think I have found my hairdressing angel. Thank you, Amy.

I am still slightly fearful of the chair but the fear is slowly dissipating.

Anyone else have the fear? Also any tips for taming curls?


  1. Oh, I have the fear, big-time. About 9 months ago I got the worst haircut I've had since I was 12. The stylist somehow interpreted "take half an inch off the back" as "give me the same haircut Leonardo DiCaprio had circa 1998." Too short, floppy, unflattering ... ugh. I switched stylists, natch, but now haircuts make me really nervous. No tips on curls from me (my hair's straight and boring) but I feel your pain!

  2. Thanks for the 4th of July wishes! (although I seem to have somehow lost all my comments when I changed my layout)
    I SO have had a fear of the hair lady ever since I got highlights after college and walked away with a Pepe LePew 'Do. It was wonderful. I recently found a lovely hair lady named Luz who looks like Penelope Cruz. We are very happy together, and my hair is shiny and brown. Finally.

  3. I'm terrified of hairdressers, I haven't been to one for about three years. I just can't cope with the build up of hope and then leaving looking exactly the same as I did when I went in.

  4. I know what you mean about the fear, when I find a hair dresser I like, I stay with them till the end! I've only had 2 all my life, the last 2 moved far away so I couldn't go to them anymore & now I'm on my 3rd & he is the BEST! I just sit on the chair and tell him to do his magic. Oh I tagged you in my blog to blog about the 6 things that make you happy :-)

  5. have you ever heard of the curly girl method? i started doing the routine a year ago, and my hair has been transformed. seriously.

    let me know if you'd like more info; i wrote a summary up for a friend a little while back.

    it takes a little while to figure out which parts work for you, but once the trial and error (and 4ish weeks of awkward transition hair) is over,

  6. Umm yes little dove, please tell me your secrets!!


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