Wednesday, 8 July 2009


What I would like to say is -

We talked for hours
There were tears.
We argued.
We negotiated.
There were detailed spreadsheets and outpourings of love.
We came to the most beautiful conclusion.

What really happened -

Me: "Shall we get married in Northumberland, then?"
The Boy: "Yeah, sounds good"
Me: "High fives all round"
The Boy: "Let's lock it in"
Lame fist bump ensues.

So why Northumberland?

Whilst London is totally awesome we simply do not have the funds to have the wedding we really want in the most fantabulous place on earth. We can still celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and hopefully many years to come in this, my lovely city.

Northumberland is beautiful. More pleasingly its distance from civilization (sorry only kidding - well to some extent) means that we get more bang for our buck, as you lovely Yanks must say all the time!!

Hopefully it means we can afford a to hire a big house for the weekend and can have all our guests (actually I don't like calling them guests, more comrades!) stay with us from the Friday until Sunday afternoon.

We can hire a caterer who will offer a variety of food for the wedding breakfast, banquet style! Whoop. I definitely have a caterer in mind, who can offer a super menu, game heavy and delicious!

We can bring our own alcohol and not get charged £25 per bottle corkage. We have quite particular tastes and want to supply our own wine and spirits! There will be a bar where people can just mix their own drinks for the whole weekend except maybe a few hours when we can have a few young handsome waiters!!

I can buy the flowers wholesale and have simple, simple flora on display which will be whatever is seasonal. Come on November peonies! (which we can then give to everyone there or to the local hospice.)

Most of all, I get to spend a weekend of my life with my closest family and friends altogether. We can laugh, we can cry and celebrate our imperfect weekend of debauchery and ultimately commitment.

Yay, I am psyched. This is what I really wanted all along before I mooted the idea of a chic city wedding. The wedding will still be chic but a whole lot more fun and friendly. Much more my style. Now we just need to find the perfect place. We have a few contenders that offer what we want, nay need.

It would be fantabulous to go venue hunting in person at the moment but during the height of wedding season? We have decided to leave it until the wedding season is over so we can have the full attention of the vendors. Do not fret, I have many other things I can witter in about and show you places I fancy as a venue!

And so another adventure begins....

P.S. I may have sort of bought a wedding dress today.


  1. Great plan! Can't wait to see/hear more about the dress!

  2. Oooh, a dress? Tell us more! Your Northumberland plans awesome, can't wait til you start scouting venues.

  3. there's no "sort of" in wedding dress buying!

    also, i love how very one of us glossed over your novel of an entry to get to, "oooh. dress."

  4. It was totally clear from your last entry that you were going to go for Northumberland! Such a beautiful part of the country--great choice.

    Also you are a blog TEASE for that line about a dress. You can't do that!

  5. Sounds beautiful!

    Dress pictures please!

  6. That's awesome! I know nothing about Northumberland but can't wait to find out :)

  7. ah! i love it! wedding comrades, DIY flowers and a whole wedding weekend? it sounds amazing.

    we're also doing a chic-in-the-country wedding (well, on a farm on the outskirts of the city), and it's been a fun idea to plan around. i bet it's going to turn out beautifully for you two. :)

    and, um, dress details, please!

  8. Yay!!! It's going to be fantastic!

  9. anna, i think you and i will pretty much have the same wedding... except mine will be in california. i can't wait to exchange details. :)

  10. Hey

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog, its fab to find another British blog too!

    I will add you to my reader so i can keep up with your progress.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the dress!

  11. Hello! We need to hear about this dress missy!

  12. Your wedding sounds like it is going to be fabulous!! I'm so excited about the dress and all your fun plans.
    lol, bang for our buck, I'm going to say that in a sentence today. Just for you!

  13. Sounds lovely!

    I almost came to do my Masters in London but was deterred by the price of life (and the exchange rate). I can only imagine the cost of a wedding in the city!

  14. I totally understand. My fiance and I met in Miami and currently live in New York City. But we are having our wedding near where I grew up. We can have a better quality wedding for much less!

  15. That is an excellent plan! I'm still deciding on a venue as well, and like you I really would want my family & friends to be with us for 2 or more days and not just one. I look forward to reading about all your fabulous wedding planning!

  16. yay! It sounds lovely!

    my English geography is terrible and I don't have a clue where Northumberland is (I'm guessing north, and um east?) but I'm sure it's very very pretty.

  17. He he peony. No, it's near devon isn't it?

  18. ha, you are so funny! i love your dialogue with the boy :)


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