Friday, 3 July 2009

oh mr mcqueen

Sorry I know my blog has been a little dress heavy of late but can we just take a moment to honour this beauty.

Oh Mr McQueen, I wish you were my brother or someone else who would have to give me free clothes.

I love your colour, your belt and that you would make me so very happy.


  1. Have you SEEN his shoes lately?? They make my heart hurt they're so fabulous! Seriously... delicious.

  2. I know I am seriously, seriously lusting after the pink heart peeptoes! I would love to have them for the wedding. Also loving the square toes.

  3. Oh what a lovely dress!

    PS: clicked on the link and had a minor heartache at the price ... I am so naive!

  4. I know, even in the sale it is tooo much!


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