Thursday, 23 July 2009

now i am not one for black shoes, usually

However, these are simply divine.

Why don't I like black shoes? I'm not entirely sure. I guess they remind me of hideous school shoes and I have always wanted to add an edge of fabulousness with colourful shoes. I have always chosen a dark brown or fuchsia pink instead.

So what do you think of these bad boys?! What is your go to shoe colour?


  1. They're gorgeous, but I think they'd be a bit ticklish unless you were wearing them with pants! I haven't bought my shoes yet, but they'll likely be dark purple.

  2. go-to shoe color would definitely have to be black ones because they match just about everything.

    but I am looking for some nude pumps!

    Wedding wise, i will definitely go for something bold - maybe red?

  3. You don't like black shoes because you have a colorful personality! :) What color will you go with for your wedding shoes? I usually opt for black or brown, simply for convenience, but I LOVE bright-colored heels. That feather embellishment is insane ... in a great way!

  4. oh I think they're fab! but I get what you mean about going to pink or some other color.

    i definitely do black a lot but I have a ton of wine colored shoes. and i love red & pink too.

    i wanted to wear wine shoes at my wedding but i couldn't find the perfect pair that was the right color & the right style so i settled on a pair of metallic jimmy choos. tried them on with my dress for the first time at my fitting last nite and I love em!

  5. love it.

    my favorite color shoe is red, though. ;) i have maybe 8 pairs haha.

  6. those are so sweet. i wanna see them on!

  7. These are divine!! The feathers are sick!

  8. Love those peacock feathers. It's funny that you can't stand black shoes, because I am the queen of black pumps. Black peep-toes. Black flats...

    I blame it entirely on my awkward fashion sense and the fact that black just matches with everything.

  9. they are hands down fabulous. I love shoes with feathers.

    Black shoes get a bad rap for people wearing them and creating one fashion faux pas after another. But there is nothing more sexy than black stilettos. really.

    I have a prediction that black shoes will replace the colored bride's shoe trend.

  10. I couldn't agree more, marnie. I always felt black shoes were the hardest to wear as I felt (and still do to some extent) they only matched with black. And then I found it hard to match the right colour of back.

    Although, I've just remembered I do have some seriously sexy black stilettos. Unfortunately they are true taxi shoes. The heel is so slim (like cable thin) but ridiculously chic, well assuming I'm standing still!

  11. hey anna, thanks for stopping by my blog! those shoes are WOW! I love it!

    I don't really have a go to shoe colour. I probably tend to go for shoes that stand out a lil. that said, my wedding shoes are black. lolz!

  12. i have been deciding on black shoes or colored shoes...i bought both. but now i am thinking i like this addition of color in the back! gorgeous!! :)


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