Thursday, 9 July 2009

naughty anna strikes again

Boy, avert your eyes. There is nothing for you here. I repeat nothing.

For the lovely ladies. I must apologise but I think I may have built up this whole dress thing a little too much!

Did I go dress shopping? No
Did I put a lot of thought into my choice? No
Did I buy it from eBay? Yes
Do I think it's the one? Maybe, maybe not.
Did it cost me less than £50 and if I don't wear it can I sell it on? Yes.

Whilst I am in love with beautiful designer dresses (namely the delectable dresses from Jenny Packham) and do like my pretty things, in my heart of hearts I do think it is slightly absurd to drop £3000+ on a dress. A white dress at that, a dress that will be so dirty by the end of the debauchery that it maybe an oh so fabulous grey.

So I was randomly wandering through the pages of eBay looking for that perfect Jenny Packham when I found a dress which I had seen on the Phase Eight website. I don't know why I had been looking on their site but I did have a little swoon over their bridal range.

And so drum roll please. Please don't be too disappointed! It arrived yesterday and I was far too nervous to try it on straight away. I mean, this could be my wedding dress!?!? Craziness. Once I summoned up the courage, I stood in front of the mirror and thought, "Gosh, I could really wear this for my wedding day." I almost felt like a bride. It was a strange experience. And yes, I twirled around on my tippy toes like I was 3 years old again.

Now, boy I simply do not trust you. Please turn away now!

And so because an act of commission is far worse than omission I am going to add the link to the page rather than the picture. Although I never really understand why the boy can't see the dress.

Enjoy my lovelies, (Oh bean just say no!) - Phase Eight - also the front bridal page has a beautiful picture of the dress on a real person (well model!)

Maybe it is the dress, I do feel like a bride and if I can't find an alternative it will almost definitely be the dress. It just doesn't blow me away and not quite what I have envisioned. Then again, is the dress that important? Well, no, I do really, really kind of want the fantabulous designer dress.

Now obviously I would love to know what you fair ladies think? Pray tell.


  1. oo I didn't know phase eight did bridal. I think it's really pretty. Definitely the other type/style of dress I'd have had if I hadn't gone for 50s tea length style.

  2. Oh it's lovely!! I love the color and the details.
    But if you're not blown away, you still have time to look and try on more fabulous dresses. And please share if you do!

  3. Its really lovely! If you are not totally thrilled though, have a look around - go try others on! I have always felt the dress is important. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune - it just means that whatever you put on to wear for your wedding day should make you feel very special and beautiful. Who knows? After shopping around a bit you may come back to the first gown - it happens all the time!

  4. Ladies, don't get me wrong. I love the dress and I supremely happy with my thriftiness.

    Maybe I just secretly do fancy a shopping adventure!!

  5. oooh it is lovely! and if you spin in any dress you know you really like it. =)

    that said, you can always go on a little shopping adventure to get that experience. i may be a lot of fun playing dress up for a few hours! who knows, maybe you'll end up right where you started.

    and thanks for stopping by my blog. hope to see you around my part of the internetty woods again soon!

  6. It is so stunning...really it is. I love the lace and so classic. Go to the fancy boutiques and try on lots of dresses...I wouldn't be suprised if it just made you love this one even more. :)

  7. Oh and it looks like when we are marrieds we are going to share the same last name! I just saw the bottom of your blog. Name twins! :)

  8. Oh, I'm afraid that's not my boy's name but the name of our favourite artist. I wish the boy had said that to me!

  9. Oooh, it's pretty. Does it have gold beading? Or is it a champagne-y colour?

  10. very pretty! i love the cut of the back, lovely.

    if you're not thrilled, i say shop around, but it's a good thing to have a cheap backup. it takes the pressure out of the whole gown shopping ordeal. :)

  11. i love this dress! it's classic. i, too, really wanted a jp dress but could not justify it. after tons of shopping around, i decided to have my dress made... probably one of the best decisions i've made. but, i REALLY do love this dress. :)

  12. Oh Anna that's lovely! I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't a thousand-pound gown if you hadn't said, truly. Somehow it makes it even better when you know you haven't dropped that many monies on it too!

    Also thanks for your comment :) am currently writing this from work (on my break of course!) - work! eee!

  13. That is a beautiful dress (and I love Phase Eight generally!). Good choice!

    And I don't understand why the groom can't see the dress either, and frankly I didn't care, but he did! So I am apparently hiding it for his own good.

  14. It's gorgeous and looks soooo much more expensive than it is. Well done thriftiness!

  15. It is just so lovely and delicate and intricate! I can't wait to see it on you missy!

  16. it's beautiful!! really stunning. it really doesn't look like a thrifty dress - nice job!!

    that said, no harm in having a look around for what else is out there.... you have time, right?

    on a side note - i'm SO sorry i've been mia lately! thank you so much for your sweet note last week - it made me smile and that means a lot!! i'm now back in the land of the living :)


  17. Stunning dress! And it looks like it would be really easy to wear!

  18. It's quite, well, lovely, really!

    But it can't hurt to try some on, right?

    Or to continue looking ... usually your gut tells you when things are right. If it's not quite there, trust your gut, look at other dresses ... the worst that can happen is you find another dress and end up needing/wanting to sell this one.

    Or you could consider alterations to make it, well, you.

  19. It is too lovely! I bought a second dress off eBay (I think I'll wear it for the reception and definitely for some pictures). Yep it was $200, but 90% off and super elegant.

    In case this ends up being your second dress, I think it's great because you can take pictures in it before the ceremony as well.

  20. thanks for the comment! i'm so happy to have gotten the chance to find your lovely blog that way!

    this is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful dress!!

    (but i know how you feel re: indecision...i have one but may be looking for another!)

  21. OOO! I love it too! Though, I could be biased....mine is similar ;)

  22. thats an absolutely lovely dress!

  23. Thank you so much ladies. I didn't dream I would get such an amazing response for such a little blog. I simply couldn't be happier. I realise that makes me a little sad but I don't care!!

  24. P.S. the beads are more of a champagne-y colour. It has an awesome vintage-y feel.


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