Saturday, 4 July 2009

merry independence day my fabulous american friends

Although as a Brit I can not condone your merriment, I do hope your day is filled with fireworks, delicious food, parasol wearing drinks and memory inducing moments!

Anna xx

P.S. You lovely ladies do restore my faith that the USA is a great place!


  1. thank you, anna! i am buying some pimms and fresh fruit today in your honor. partying it up redcoat style!
    p.s. my country has definitely been associated with some "not so great" behavior at times , but if you do a bit of digging, you can find some really great people. :)

  2. thank you!! my fourth was the bomb!

  3. a belated thanks, "aww," and i second celia's p.s.!

  4. Haha, just saw this post now but it made smile and giggle :)

  5. And as the say in Team America - "I'm proud to be an American!" Go America, yeah!


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