Monday, 13 July 2009

feathered fantabulousness

Now every girl needs an ostrich feather cape. Unfortunately Jenny Packham's beautiful cape retails at around £995!!! Seriously, that's around the average for a wedding dress in the UK.

So what's a girl to do? Obviously, eBay, the preloved websites and google but they were still way out of my price range for an item that in all honesty I may wear for less than an hour.

I then found this great auction website, Invaluable which let me search hundreds of auctions across the globe. Then I found my baby, in a random New Zealand auction. Now of course, thrifty anna knew that it would be cheaper to buy through the auction house and so for less than £100 include shipping and custom charges (ouch they hurt!) I have the most fantabulous accessory.

Let me introduce me to my new best friend!

Do you like? I really don't care if you don't. (Not really!) I squealed with delight when I opened the package. You know what happened next, I wrapped it around my shoulders and twirled all over my flat. I was worried the feathers would be too white but they are a perfect faded ivory. Yey for vintage. The only question is how should I store it until the wedding. I fear the moths!

I know that buying blind (well I saw photographs) can be a little scary but sometimes the planets do align! Anyone else have a heavenly story?


  1. This cape is v. pretty, good buy!

  2. I love it! Man have I grown to hate customs over the course of this wedding! The most painful was my wedding dress customs charge ouch!

  3. love it! i could totally float around in that beauty all day!

  4. What a fantastic piece. So happy for you...I got my dress on ebay for a very reasonable price, and I was thrilled.

    Thanks for following my blog; I've returned the favor. Best of luck with your planning.

  5. Anna, your finds don't agree with my wallet but TOTALLY click with my style! Do you mind letting me know what seller you got it from?

  6. It was the auction house Dunbar Sloane not sure when they will do something similar again. They were super helpful and efficient. But definitely check out Invaluable (the link is in the post). You can literally search thousands of auctions for the item you want for free. I am currently swooning over the vintage clothes auctions nearby and wishing I had much more money!!

  7. oh my god, that is gorgeous.

    cnc -- i bet that this could easily be made. i can't see all of the construction, but it just looks like a chiffon base with a lot of ostrich wing plumes. might actually be pretty simple to recreate/adapt.

  8. This is sooo fabulous!! Love it!

    I got a vintage fur shrug for the wedding, on ebay, for $1 ... seriously.

  9. Love feathers-I love how you can have them everywhere from the clothing and hair to decoration, bouquet-i'm excited to see more of what you do!

  10. Totally agree dove, the only thing is I thought nice ostrich feathers were quite expensive.

    CnC Drop me an email and I can send you some more photos if you want?

  11. omg Anna I LOVE IT!! Brilliant!

    I have my grandma's brown fur to wear for ours (matches the dark truffle brown dresses.) It doesn't have that much pizazz, but I loved my grandma so it seemed the perfect choice :)

    My wedding steal was my shoes...$7 and they are perfect!! (I bought them before my dress haha)

  12. oh no you didn't! that i absolutely gorgeous...i am so jealous!

  13. wow! that looks amazing! what an amazing steal! congrats!

    oh, i tagged you for a meme. check out the deets on the blog =)

  14. re: the expense -- they can be. if you buy them in bulk, though, they can be much more affordable. i think you got an amazing deal on this either way, though.


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