Saturday, 18 July 2009

commissioning cuteness

Hello my lovelies.

Whilst we are all waiting with baited breath for the lovely boy to finish his epic masterpiece, (it's a blog, dear, not the Iliad), I thought I could talk about randomness as usual! However fingers crossed the boy will debut on Monday night! Yes you heard it here first!!

As you may know I am relishing the thought of a small wedding. I guess this will allow me to concentrate on certain cute things. Whilst I do believe I am a perfectionist deep down, this poor perfectionist is stuck in the body of girl who is somewhat fickle and likes to get onto the next challenge without properly finishing the first. Naughty anna.

However, the vision for the wedding is lots of little projects. I'm hoping that I can find a venue in which everyone can stay which means I can leave little presents in each room! One of those ideas would be personalised jute bags. I love one of the ones I have. Obviously from etsy, and one of the nicest sellers, quillavenuestudios.

I use it all the time, it is beyond practical especially when people tend to look at you like you are about to commit murder if you dare to pick up a plactic bag. Also by personalisation I do not mean a picture of me and the boy gormlessly grinning at you! I mean person specific personalisation.

Anyhoo, I found this website yonks ago and filled it under "things that are cool" in my brain. Obviously I promptly forgot about it until I went on a extreme makeover of my favourites list (on the laptop not my brain!) which took me almost 6 hours! It's called Temporary Measure and they make cute little jute shoppers which I love. They also offer custom made juteness.

However at £28 a go they may not be in budget but do look around their site they have some very cute things!

So I am seriously thinking about making my own. Again, I am a scientist and not particularly crafty and I have no concept of how photoshop works. I just seem to be able to make a blank page worse with my attempts. So if any of you fabulous ladies (or chaps, I don't know if there are any boys reading - would love to know if you are!) have any helpful hints, tips or tutorials they would be most appreciated! Seriously, I would be forever grateful!

P.S. I just saw this on etsy and I am in love, do not fret my little valentine, I still love you the best!

All photos from links.


  1. I've been looking through your blog now and I'm soo curious to see how it all turns out in the end. It's so strange, getting so close to people I've just known existed for like, some weeks or less.

    I never found out how many guests you're having?

    About the totes - they're darling! What other projects are you planning? :)

  2. i've made tshirts with fabric transfer sheets. it's really easy, cheap, and no need for photoshop! for the clear ones, you just need to be able to print a reverse image. there might be a printing setting for that.

    i used the avery ones like these: i'm sure you can find something similar if you don't have avery on hand. let me know how it works out. good luck!

  3. don't even get me started...
    we are having a destination wedding, so everyone will be traveling. i had originally planned on printing the "save the dates" (do you guys do these?) on jute bags, so that guests could use them to pack a few things for the weekend of our wedding. this easily goes up there with all the stupid shit i do. the absolute cheapest i could find them at was $7.50 a tote. what?!? i sent out 60 "save the dates" and when you do the math, that ain't cheap!! i hope you have better luck because it really is the cutest (not to mention eco-friendly) idea!

  4. Ooo, thanks talda. Will def check these out.

    STDs (snigger snigger) have become more popular recently in the UK.

    Will be trying to do lots of diys but inevitably give up because its too hard. This is where I will need your lovely help to keep me focussed!

  5. anna the planna. PLAN MY WEDDING FOR ME, PLEASE.

  6. Oh Katie, how sweet you are! Ok, what's my fee!! I will accept macarons!


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