Tuesday, 21 July 2009

the boy

Thank you for being so kind to the boy! I think he was quite nervous!

I now realise he can't be called "the boy" because it sounds so silly when you address him as "boy."

So tonight we shall come up with an appropriate pseudonym! I am rooting for Bean. We shall see!

Will update you later, for now I have raspberry muffins to make.



  1. bravo to you, anna, for marrying a man who can write such a brilliant post! keep them coming :)

  2. anna, is it strange that when i read your blog i read it with a british accent? and is it even stranger that when i read the boy's post yesterday, i read it with a deeper british accent??

  3. My Boy has been Badly Coloured Boy ever since I've known him. He got it because I just used to call him 'the boy' at work, and his appearance reminded my manager of Badly Drawn Boy, and he is colourblind. So my manager started calling him that. Except I realised about a year ago that 'coloured boy' would have different, negative racial connotations in the US, so now I'm reluctant to use his cute little pseudonym... no help to you, I just wanted to share.

  4. haha, i call josh "boy" when i'm teasing him/using him for his masculinity.

    as in, "boy, open this jar of pickles?"

  5. i totally did the same thing Life According to Celia did! your boy's post was quite charming. and not boring at all (but that might be because my boy also has a penchant for video games and spreadsheets). ;) can't wait to read more.

  6. What a sport! I can't wait to hear more from the man camp :)

    But I agree...a nickname is in order! Bean is pretty fun, isn't it?

  7. Oh yey ladies!

    I would say I didn't have an accent. That is I am from London and speak correctly. Whilst the boy, nay bean, is from the northern wastelands and has a slightly atypical northern accent with a very posh telephone voice!


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