Sunday, 12 July 2009

the boy

I thought it was about time that I spent some time talking about the Boy. Now I wish I could say that his musing were close to fruition but I fear my darling's perfectionism is taking over. So in lieu of his fabulousness I thought I would write about some pretty, oops sorry, handsome man clothes.

Whilst I hope the Boy will talk about his wantings in more detail in the future, I thought I would get the ball rolling with some of my favourites. He is very much into his fashion (although I am not entirely sure he will admit this!) and I know he can't wait to go shopping for real! Indeed we have already visited a few places. Oh my. he does look dreamy when he scrubs up!

Also I love it when the Boy gets excited about what he wants to wear and maybe spend lots of money. Especially when he is far more likely to be able to wear his outfits again.

We are both lovers of the tweed! He recently wore a very sexy little number to his sister's wedding. Also as we are more than likely going to go for a winter wedding a tweed is certainly going to be a winner.

Well who couldn't love Sir Connery in a suit and waistcoat. No hideous matchy matchy silk waistcoat for the Boy. He has his standards, don't you know!

Now I fear the rain caught Daniel Radcliffe and shrunk his suit. However, I love the colour together and of course the fastening.

Also because I could not get through one post without a pretty dress, hello vintage Ossie Clark!

Obviously this is not about clothes but I do quite fancy this slicked back hair. The Boy would rock this look.

The sexy, sexy cocktail jacket. Heaven. Oh Mr Tom Ford you are a man with no equals.

Oh the beautifulness of all the images! Now when it comes to your lovely men, are they interested in their outfits?


  1. I was totally rooting for the Stones inspired grey suit, brown shoes, unbuttoned jacket, no tie look. It was a little too casual for Nick though. He ended up wearing a tie and buttoned up jacket for the ceremony.

    But, for the reception he rolled up his sleeves and let loose a bit. At first I was a little wary of the tie, but East Side said it went well with his tat sleeve. And whatever East Side says, goes. ;)

  2. who would have ever imagined fuschia pants could look so hot?

    weird, josh and i were discussing his wardrobing options today. :)

  3. hi anna! thanks for reading my blog. :) that first suit is fabulous! my fiance' is super excited about an awesome matthew williamson for h&m suit he got for our engagement pictures. :)

  4. These are wild! Def inspiring us to break out of the Mr. Tux mold...


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