Friday, 3 July 2009

the answer to all bridesmaid dilemmas? (and yes we are talking dresses!)

Now as you may have already guessed I want my girls, even if they are not bridesmaids, to look super hot!

Welcome to the world of Girl Meets Dress - Browse Borrow Wear Return (or buy if you really really love it!). They have beautiful designer dresses for hire. From McQueen to McCartney and everything inbetween (although I realise that won't be much if it's alphabetical!)

So here's the idea!

You choose the length of time you'll need the dress.
They deliver the dress for you to try and make sure it's a perfect fit.
If it is they will reserve it for your preferred date.
You send it back after your fabulous event.
All from as little as £29 for 2 days hire.

I really need to roadtest this idea for a friends super cool party soon. Now which of these lovelies to choose?!

Perfect for your fabulously different gals!

If you have used this company, please let me know about your experience, I would love to know whether it is as good as it sounds.

Hello purple gorgeousness.

I love the pink. Maybe for a beachy affair.

Maybe this is one for me!

Cuteness for an afternoon do.

Flirty and fabulous.

This may be my favourite of the bunch. Sexy, ridiculously short but fantabulous.

Oh for a cute afternoon tea.

How could I resist some grey gorgeousness?

So what do you lovely ladies think? Is this a crazy idea or an inspired moment of brilliance. I love the fact they will keep some last season items aswell as the more current dresses.


  1. Lovely idea, totally! Definitely worth doing a test-run first, though... Passed on the love over here: Thanks for all the comments, btw! I REALLY appreciate them!

  2. That is the best idea EVER! Brilliant. Honestly, I can't tell you how many expensive BM dresses that I've given away.

  3. is this a joke? i'm a bit speechless. this might be the most genius business ever thought of! almost worth moving to england for...

  4. I know! I am seriously considering starting my own cool little company specialising in fantabulous dresses for events.

    Oh to have a warehouse of pretty, pretty dresses at my disposal.

  5. This is a great idea and I wish something like this existed in the States! I seriously have a closet full of party dresses that I have only worn once.

    I'm a fan of the purple. =)


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