Monday, 8 June 2009

where have I been?

So where have I been? I don't really know myself!

I went to a rather formal engagement party at the weekend. The weather was somewhat disappointing and made it feel even more formal as we couldn't dance around in her parent's beautiful quintessential English garden. I've known the girl in question for almost 20 years. Oh gosh, that is rather a long time.

It was a lovely day and made me think that it would be fun to have an engagement party? (We are having a small family engagement party this weekend.)

As I hope to have a small wedding would it breech etiquette to have a larger party? Must one invite everyone to the wedding if you have have invited them to the engagement party? Would I be upset if invited to an engagement party and not the wedding. Probably not. How about you?

Nonetheless, sometimes it is great to get out of the big smoke and see there is life in the country. Not quite like this photo but close.

I promise to be back and posting prettiness tomorrow.


  1. hmmmm... interesting question.... i think traditional etiquette would say that you shouldn't invite people to the engagement party if they aren't invited to the wedding, BUT:

    1. etiquette is largely lost on me, so i may very well be completely wrong
    2. i myself didn't have an engagement party, so i know even LESS about engagement party etiquette than i do about wedding etiquette
    3. i also think a lot of etiquette advice is complete (excuse me) crap, because no two couples, and no two groups of wedding guests are the same, so how can one make blanket statements about what is and what is not acceptable? you know your friends and family better than anyone, and you alone know if they will be offended.
    4. do whatever makes you happy.

    and thank you for the blog award!!! i'm very touched. if i had my wits about me, i would have done my own version of this ages ago, and would certainly have included you :)


  2. I think you should have a party but maybe a pre-wedding 'we're having a small wedding but we want to have a big party with you because we love you' party rather than an 'engagement party'?

    I have no idea if that falls within the boundaries of ettiquette or not. I like to get around ettiquete by inventing new genres that there are as yet no rules for!

  3. Ah ha, I like your thinking! I do love showing of my ring - maybe we could call it an Anna and the Ring party! No-one I know reads my blog (well I don't think anyone I know does) and so it would be an homage to my blog and my ring and of course my darling husband to be!


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