Monday, 15 June 2009

two households, both alike in dignity

T’was not Verona, but the Garden of England where we laid our scene. My parents welcomed our closest family and the boy’s kinfolk (save a heavily pregnant sister and her family) to their home for a weekend of joy.

The weather was glorious.

We drank, we danced, we feasted.

Champagne flowed, red wine was poured, Pimm’s was a plenty and much merriment ensued.

My exquisite mother cooked her little heart out - with my “ help.”*

The boy and I danced barefoot on the dewy lawn.

The cats claimed their prizes, their eyes expectant.

We spoke very little of weddings and it was fabulous.

The evening should have ended with singing but everyone was far too sleepy from a full day of serious excess that we took to our beds with triumphant glee.

Oh to have a weekend without a phone (as I forgot my charger) or Internet (deathly ill)with loved ones and a pretty garden.

Until tomorrow.

*Although, I must say, my mini roast beef and caramelised onion relish Yorkshire puddings and my prawn Vol-au-vents were divine. My family’s tradition of fantastically delicious, albeit slightly old fashioned, hors d'œuvres shall be safely passed on through generations.


  1. sounds like heaven.... lucky girl :)


  2. What heaven! And the perfect weather for it.

    I've t-t-t-tagged you in a wee little quiz that's doing the rounds xx

  3. I was a lovely weekend. I think I got a little snap happy. But I do love these little pictures. The one of the big cat as he looks so grand and snooty and the flying bee because she was so timid and then suddenly became my friend!!

  4. OK, I must be honest. This was almost painful to read I was so green with envy! I barely made it through the photos and then to hear the details. Oh my. You think your family would adopt a random American girl? Yorkshire puds at Christmas just aren't enough! :)

  5. Of course. Anytime you're free just pop over!


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