Friday, 19 June 2009

ryantown and famille summerbelle

Oh how pretty are these!

I love Rob Ryan and his awesomeness. I would love to own one of his beautiful pieces. Actually, I were rich enough I would buy all of my engaged friends one of his pieces for their wedding.

And then I found these. I think the Parisian piece came first and, of course, I love the London one because I can see my home(ish).

P.S. Buy from Famille Summerbelle, they have fab other things too! If anyone wants to buy me one that would be fine also!


  1. note to self: need to start bringing in six figures so that i can afford art by rob ryan.

    thanks for the famille summerville link! what a wonderful site. i bought paper banners just like the ones they have for our shower. i'm half mexican and they are traditionally considered, "wedding banners", so i thought that would be so very appropriate!

  2. I absolutely and unequivocally LOVE Famille Summerbelle and squealed when I saw the London cut paper art! That just became my #1 gift wish for this year. And how cute are the family trees? Wouldn't that be a darling wedding gift, too? Thanks for sharing!!

  3. hi anna, returning your blog visit :) I dont know much rob ryan, but he did make a beautiful paper dress for a vogue shoot: thats just the first link I found that had a photo of it in. simply stunning, to have that dedication to paper!


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