Wednesday, 10 June 2009

a question for a dreary tuesday

Asking your opinions now is far more fun.

Despite the fact our wedding date has not been set we know that it will happen sometime next year. We would both love to have a decent, fun website for our guests to use and corral all the information into one place. Besides I'm probably going to need over six months to design it anyway.

So the most important question would be,
"what shall we call our website?"
Would love to have your opinions. I'm using "the boy" for anonymity's sake!
a) Anna and the boy's Fabulous Gay Wedding (a fabulous gay wedding is his favourite cocktail!)
b) The boy and Anna are getting married
c) Any other fabulous idea you have - I love hearing from you - but I guess you already know that!

The poll is just below the main header - you really cannot miss it. Now get your thinking caps on.

P.S. I'm sure I should be able to put this poll into the post but my html skill is poor!


  1. I do like the fabulous gay wedding suggestion, but only as long as your friends get it, otherwise there might be no end of confusion :)

  2. Oh most people know of his love for a Fabulous Gay Wedding!

  3. i'm not familiar with that drink! what's in it?? i would so love to order one the next time i'm out :)

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  5. If you want some help with the website I created ours and I don't mind sharing!

  6. Thanks aubergine. That would be most welcome! I am a complete novice!


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