Thursday, 11 June 2009

one of those days, nay weeks.

Oh grumpy Anna. I know I’m a lucky girl despite my pessimistic nature. I can be optimistic but “occasionally” I do get the grumps. I’m sure the boy would say I get my grump on a little more often but that’s irrelevant!

I often keep the grumps bottled up but maybe it will be nice to write things down and decompress. A problem shared and all that. Nonetheless, feel free to ignore my ramblings though!

And so begins our comedy of errors.

We are still with mice and I am double bagging the poor little mites far too often for my liking. Hopefully, our new little ultrasonic deterrent will discourage further visitors.

Now our landlady is lovely, despite ignoring my pleas, but only acts when the boy commands her.

I love our little flat it truly is an oasis of calm in London but the poor thing is grumpy too. First the mice, now an exhausted extractor fan, a melancholy washing machine, a cautious but determined leaky pipe and finally a misshapen chimney flue blocker thingyamijig which covers the carpet below in a sooty shower when the neighbours get bouncy.

I will not turn into my mother, I will not turn into my mother, I will not turn into my mother. As much as I love her – she also likes to get her grump on!

Ahh, that feels better. Breathe in calm, breathe out cantankery.

Everything will be fine, it really is no bother – just a mild annoyance and I do feel better for writing it down and seeing how much of a nothingness my “troubles” truly are. Whoop!

Back to the prettiness!

Again, I am sorry for my inability to credit these fab photos.

Normal service will resume later today!


  1. Goodness me.. it must be something in the water- I am also in one hell of a grump this week and just about reaching the end of my tether( now that is a definite 'mother' expression isn't it?!)
    I was just about to pot some pics of cute puppies to cheer me up! Am not joking...
    Hope your mood clears- those scrummy pics definetely help!

  2. and I can't spell- sorry!


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