Saturday, 20 June 2009

oh how much do I yearn for you

Every since I saw Rosalie's - from Tea and Whimsy - fantabulous engagement photos I have had a hankering for a heart shaped umbrella.

David McNeil via Tea and Whimsy
I hope you don't mind me including one of the photos when you are on your own but I think it's soo cute.

Most people know about my joy for the heart-shaped form and I guess it is about time I shared this with you!

I know it would be classier to stick with the prettiness of the red nonetheless I really can't but want the umbrella in pink!
It would really cheer up those rainy London days, no?!


  1. Aww thanks, I don't mind (even though I think my legs look like sticks hehe), I highly recommend the umbrella. I almost got the hot pink one cause it goes more with our wedding (matches my shoes) but with the yellow fields I went with red.

  2. he, i did this post too! its just the most adorable thing isn't it :)

  3. precious! i have never seen these before, but they are darling. i'll take one in each color. :)

  4. what a fun umbrella!!! who says they have to be round???

  5. P.S. The sticks look like sexy legs to me!

  6. OH WOW - heart shaped umbrella - I wants it!


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