Thursday, 2 July 2009

oh etsy i love you

Oh Etsy, I could while away hours in your sweet embrace.

Could this be the most perfect bridesmaid's dress?
Also I don't think we have rehearsal dinners in the UK so it would be perfect for the Friday night before the wedding to start as chic as we mean to go on.

Could I become the cape goddess? I think I am in love with idea of wearing capes in the winter. I have a couple of short capes which I love wearing with long leather gloves. Heaven.

Could this be the cutest wedding dress ever?!

All the pictures from Timeless Vixen


  1. i LOVE that first dress it's so amazing! i spend too much time on etsy too...!

  2. I really want to be the queen of capes. I keep on clicking back to the web page and dreaming!

  3. I bought my wedding dress from this Etsy seller but you'll have to wait until next March for its unveiling!
    Her vintage finds are amazing.


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