Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Just as a quick aside.

Agent Provocateur is having it's annual sale online now! If you sign up for their newsletter (they send out occasional emails and no spam) you can get early access. Trust me they have slashed prices, up to 50% off.

Now I'm not buying lingerie at the moment but a girl can dream. And yes I know as a woman of the world I shouldn't just "dress up" for a man. Who says it would just be for him, fabulous, well fitting and naughty lingerie makes me feel like a goddess.

Sneak peak!


  1. i can't get enough lingerie.

    i swear i've gone lingerie shopping at least 12 times since i've gotten this ring. it's stockpiled for the honeymoon!

  2. Not going to lie - I'm pretty excited about buying lingerie. I just have to find the time to actually go shopping for some...

  3. I adore Agent Provocateur! And I'm with you....lingerie isn't necessarily for your partner. ;)

  4. I love buying lingerie! It makes you feel confident and sexy and just gives you boost :) and the best is your the only one who knows your wearing it under you regular clothes ... well I guess on it depends on if you wanna share ;)

  5. I have been slightly naughty and bought one of their swimming costumes. Shush, do not tell the boy!

  6. yeah liv recently really is in lingerie mood! just saw a great underwear catwalk during london fashion week , so much fun!
    love sexy undies.


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