Monday, 1 June 2009

monday's banal question

Oh shoes.
I am a size 4, 37, 7 whatever you want to call me. However I can wear from a size below to a size above.

I will suffer for shoe art. I will cram my toes into beautifulness much to my mother's dismay.
However, is it possible to make a pair of shoes at least 2 sizes too big. actually fit? How could/would/should I do this?

Answers on a postcard please.

P.S. Hope you enjoy the shoes! Also profuse apologies for lack of photo credit. Although designer wise they belong to Kitty Cooper, Beatrix Ong, Prada, Louboutin, Dior and then Louboutin again.


  1. i am the same size. one time i bought a pair of shoes that were massively discounted, final sale. "how could this be? they're so fantastic!", i thought to myself. so, i pulled them out a couple days later to wear them to dinner and (gasp!) one shoe was a whole size bigger than the other. they tricked me!! i never caught on because i only tried on one shoe, the one that fit. i ended up buying a thick insole and stuffing it in the shoe that was too large. this worked very well and you couldn't tell the difference at all when i was wearing them. one foot just had more cushioning than the other.
    two sizes, though... i don't know, but worth a try!

  2. Yeah, I missed out anyway. I have a while to get my perfect shoes. No need to worry just yet!

  3. two pairs of those foot padder things, I think they're called party toes or party feet or somat like that, on top of each other and then a couple of pairs of the ones that fit in the heels. Or woolly socks work too. but you might not want to rock the woolly socks and high heels look at your wedding. Maybe.

  4. Well, I could start a new trend?! I missed out on the eBay shoes - mainly because I forgot about them. I have time - must not buy more pretty shoes.


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