Tuesday, 30 June 2009

a little excess?

Obviously I am not one to swoon of ridiculously expensive luxuries!!!

How much have I swooned over these wellingtons which seemed to save every fashionista from the mud bath at Glastonbury this weekend. The fantabulous Hunter boot is now embossed with a crocodile print and has a leopard print lining!

Fashion and functional. Oh my weak heart. If only I had £500 to spend on wellies!


  1. i love wellies! there's nothing worse than getting your feet wet, right?? these are quite expensive... i can always sell the cat.

  2. these are AMAZING! so rad, i love your blog too, thank you for saying hi!

  3. if I (!) only had to spend 500GBP on wellies.

    Man (uh, GIRL!) they are amazing.


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