Thursday, 25 June 2009

i love you more than sleep

It seems to be turning into a Rob Ryan day but I seem to have saved up a few of his lovelies for my confused blogging days.

The cute little decal, says I love you more than sleep. I'm not sure the boy would say that though! I just simply adore his cute cutouts. They are always so intricate with such joyful, whimsical prose.

What more can I say?


  1. Love, love love it. .... not more than sleep though.

  2. funny story. i had never actually heard of rob ryan until that one post you wrote about him. later that day, i stopped by my friend carrie's "vintage/decor/gift/i'll sell whatever the hell i want" shop and she sells a book of his work. i instantly though of you. i'm sure you've seen it (or, have it), but if not, you can get it here...


  3. Yay for spreading the love! I keep on wanting to buy it but the thrifty girl I am keeps waiting for a dirt cheap copy on eBay.


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