Monday, 22 June 2009

could this be my dress?

I am loving this dress, could it become my wedding dress?
  • It's a little different
  • Plenty of dress for twirling and other dancing
  • Still "wedding colours"
  • Long (well it will be on me!)
  • Best of all 'tis "only" £300
  • I love it!

However, is one shoulder a little passe? Do I actually need to go dress shopping. Which I think I will hate.

Hmmmm, meee wanty.

Any thoughts?

I will post lots more soon - I have many things to say but no energy for anything but this dress.


  1. very pretty!! and i don't think the one shoulder is passe - especially on a wedding dress. and this is just so elegant and lovely.... not to mention, the price is right!!

    i, like you, dread the dress shopping. i'm thinking of ordering a dress online and returning it if it doesn't look right on me. thats how much i want to avoid the traditional "bring your mom and your best girlfriends and your FMIL to a bridal boutique and spend hours trying on $2,000 lacy confections while they all ooh and ahh over you" thing. just the thought fills me with terror. but anyway, i'll probably make this into a whole post :)

    sorry for the ramble!!

  2. i love it!

    i bought an off-the-rack dress (granted, it's nicole miller bridal, and $250 USD, but i bought it at an online sample sale without seeing it in person). i thought that i would miss the experience or trying on gowns with my family, but the fact is, bridal salons are weird. salespeople are pushy. every time you say something is nice, they say "that looks GREAT on you," and shove a veil on your head.

    is it returnable? if so, you can try it & subject yourself to gown-shopping after.

  3. I very nearly bought this! It is gorgeous.

    And on the dress shopping, it's so much fun, just choose a good dress shop, Mirror Mirror in Angel and Crouch End are great, have a good selection and are lovely.

    Why not buy it anyhow and see how it fits? And then do the dress shopping for the sheer hell of it?

  4. Oh I love this dress! If you really love it, I'd say get it and try it on for size (if you can return it if it doesn't work.) If you still love it and the fit works, then go for it!

    If you care at all about having the "experience" of the wedding dress shop, I'd pop into at least one and try some on for fun. That's what I did. And it was silly and I pretty much hated every moment, but I'm happy I did it. After that, I felt free to buy whatever from wherever (because onelittledove is right..they are WEIRD!) I went the sample sale dress route as well and won't ever regret it.

  5. anna, this dress is divine! and the color is so romantic! i'm a big fan of one-shoulder, by the way. so classic.

  6. i thought i would hate dress shopping, but it was kind of fun. :) plus, it was nice to see how the dresses actually looked on my figure.

    the one shoulder thing can be cheesy, but not when it's done in this grecian goddess way. tres chic.

  7. I wimped out. But it is still on sale! So maybe?


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