Monday, 29 June 2009

antique love

I have been meaning to post about these beauties for ages.

I have no idea how I found this site. Oh how I love to cavort merrily through the interweb.

I would love this to be my dressing table chair. The colours are dreamy. It would make me want to sit and play with make up. Something I never do.

I would buy this for the boy, for he wants a pony. He is a very handsome horse. The boy spent his pre-school years on a Northumberland farm and sometimes I think he yearns for a simpler life. One day maybe, for now he will have to survive with a talking hobbyhorse.

Finally, who wouldn't want a beautiful antique mirror with such character. It would hang nobly above our bed and make me smile with it's imperfections and blemishes. It would only become more beautiful with time.

What beautiful items are you lusting over?

All images via Jayson Home and Garden


  1. that mirror is lovely! and it would look even more lovely over a bed! we can't do that, though. earthquakes. :(

  2. Love the portrait of the pony! Currently I am lusting over a place more than a thing...absolutely dying to go to the South Pacific!

  3. I love the details on that mirror!

    I saw a BEAUTIFUL gradient orange to red parasol with a star design. It sold for $236 on eBay (ouch). It was definitely unique.


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