Tuesday, 12 May 2009

the proposal

So to the proposal. I knew I wanted to marry the boy for years. We both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together for some time. I fantasised about the “perfect ring.” In my mind it looked a little something like this.
AP photo
Yep, that’s Camilla, Duchess of Devonshire’s beautiful fabulous ring. I spent hours and hours day dreaming about a similar ring. Unfortunately as we are neither of royal descent nor Russian oligarchs we would have been well into retirement before we could actually afford anything as magnificent.

So as I said before I had resigned myself to waiting for an eternity until the Boy popped the question. (Obviously this did not stop me enjoying the wonderful world of wedding blogs looking for inspiration for the future) Yet, my beloved girlfriends were receiving offers of marriage at an alarming rate and I felt my eyes becoming greener and greener.

Now things start to become a little confusing as I have to explain both sides of our little story. Unbeknownst to me, whilst we were at his sister’s wedding his mother had offered him her own engagement ring. This led to the Boy agonising for weeks about what to do. I was happily oblivious. Should he use the “free” ring or should he wait? In the end, I am happy to say, he chose the “free” ring of which he had no recollection – indeed when he pictured the ring he was thinking of his grandmother’s ring. As an optimistic chap, he had one of his many brothers bring it down to London and hoped I would love it. It would seem I would be the last to know about his imminent intentions.

It was only after having the ring in our flat for a week, with me becoming increasingly suspicious, did he pop the question. The tension was palpable. We had eaten some delicious seafood and were settling down with the rest of our wine when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. After the initial shock-nay adrenaline rush-had passed and I said yes, I got myself acquainted with my new ring. We sat sipping some fabulous vintage champagne, from my favourite champagne saucers, with me gazing giddily at my ring and into his delighted, albeit relieved, eyes. A perfect day.

So here she is my new baby. My beautiful ring. Forgive my abysmal photography skills but I love the second picture so very much.

How lucky am I to have a fabulous mother in law to be with fabulous taste in engagement rings. She chose her over 40 years ago. So I guess she is a very lucky ring and although I know one day I will pass this on to another young blissfully happy couple, I am quite happy she will get to stay with me for a while longer!

And whilst I always said I wanted a 1.5(+!) carat emerald cut platinum ring with 2 baguettes either side, my ring is me. I cannot imagine a ring more perfect for me. I love that the sapphire is dark, yet its intensity radiates, and how the little diamonds sparkle in the light. It is elegant, different (read quirky) and timeless. The three words with which I hope to describe myself – one day.

I love being so happy. Anna x


  1. I still stand firm that this might be the loveliest thing I've ever seen! I'm a sucker for emeralds. Especially antique emeralds.

  2. Crap. I meant sapphire. I can never get them straight! The blue ones! Emeralds are green. Sapphire blue. Amethyst, purple. Rubies, red.

    Ok. I got it now. I love your antique sapphire! THOSE are my fav. ;)

  3. Te hee! Btw,I'm loving your reception mini!

  4. Gaw-jus!
    I love sapphires. I knew I wanted either those or opals in my engagement ring. The opals won out!

  5. So pretty! It is nice that he chose a ring that meant something, it is really unique...and so great that you liked it! :)

  6. great ring! looks magical!

  7. Oh gosh, thank you for all your comments. The boy is particularly happy with himself!

  8. Such a beautiful ring and its a part of him as well, i love that!

  9. Once you left a comment on my ring, of course I HAD to come visit your new(ish) lovely too. And indeed, it is lovely. And classic, unique and meaningful all at the same time.

  10. OH WOWOWOWOWOW - it is so lovely. Vintage is where it's at. And I love that it is a family ring - so special.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments!

  11. I love it, timeless elegant and vintage all in one ;0) congrats!


  12. That's beautiful! It's elegant, classy, sophisticated, vintage, and glamorous all at once! Absolutely lovely!


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