Monday, 11 May 2009

oops these arrived today

Recently I had all but given up on the boy actually proposing.

Consequently I decided that I needed to get myself some pretty rings. My favourite is posted here with a link to the fabulous etsy seller - Zulasurfing- who made it for me.

I absolutely adore this ring. I love it. It makes me feel so special despite the issue of having to take it off when dancing for fear of maiming people! Indeed I know one of my lovely friends ensures she stays well away until the ring is safely in my clutch bag.

Well these arrived this morning! I love that things sometimes take longer to arrive from the US (although our Royal Mail isn't always that great). It allows me to forget what I've bought and it's always a nice surprise. Do you like? They are from by:AMT. Definitely check out their site. Many fabulous things.

Tomorrow, I shall introduce you to my lovely boy assuming I don't get another exciting unexpected package. Which knowing me isn't too unlikely. Yikes.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Anna x

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