Wednesday, 27 May 2009

my loves and loathes

So I thought I would try to give you a further insight into how my mind works by sharing some of my likes and dislikes. This may be a long list!

I like odd numbers – how I would love to have one table at my wedding!

I do not like symmetry – it scares me a little. Maybe the perfectionist inside me realises that I will never be able to make things perfect. Besides what is this obsession with perfection? Well I think this may turn in a post all on its own.

I do not like chair covers although they do often hide some hideous chairs but how hard can it be to bulk buy pretty chairs?

I do not like carpet – on the whole – why, oh why are so many pretty places ruined by super ugly monstrosities

Matchy matchiness – this upsets me so and I am sure it will become far more evident to you over the next few months – perhaps it deserves its own post aswell?!

Pink – oh my, it makes it so happy. Not pastel but deep, deep fuchsia – it makes my skin glow and the whole world seem a brighter place.

Grey – whether it be dove, charcoal or dreadnought – I love it so – it looks chic wherever it goes. I truly hope it does not become “on trend” this is a beauty I would like to keep with a select few!

Salted caramels – if you ever visit London I urge you to visit L’artisan du Chocolat and indulge. Nowhere else comes close – trust me. Try the originals or those with added balsamic vinegar. Délicieux!

Moustaches – I know, I know – this trend is sooooo last year but with my fingers tightly crossed I can only hope it has not truly reached UK shores just yet. They make me smile – everyone looks fabulous with a fake ‘tash!

Macarons – oh they are little pieces of ecstasy in your mouth – I am so happy (or maybe cursed) to live so close to Ladurée.

Gocco – unfortunately I am yet to actually strike gold with my beloved Gocco. I know it has potential and it will bring me joy. I just need to try harder! If anyone has any tips for my grumpy orange machine!

Letterpress – so beautiful, yet so expensive. Maybe if our guest list is small?!

Typewriters – again probably a little passé but I love my fab little Olivetti Valentine I got for a steal off eBay. One of my proudest eBay finds. Whoop. I love the fact it stops me from putting exclamation marks at the end of every sentence and it is red! People find it a little strange that I have a typewriter. I love feeling like Jessica Fletcher writing little notes to the boy whilst he’s sitting next to me or even just a shopping list. Although it would have made us infinitesimally happier, after we let my brother stay to revise, if we had come back to reams of paper saying “all work and no play makes Pickles* dull boy” but unfortunately he failed us. *his fabulous soubriquet from childhood

Chocolate fountains make me sad – they look hideous, always taste like vegetable oil and are beyond messy – why are they so popular?

Tiffany – whether we have to have a Tiffany ring or the fact that people have a Tiffany themed wedding. Je ne comprends pas! (I also do not understand themed weddings, themes for a children’s party yes, wedding no.)

Hmm maybe I should be a little more loving! So in that vein.

Jenny Packham – I love her wedding dresses. I may never wear one of her slinky designs but I want to, I really want to. Maybe I will make an appointment just to look at the beautifulness.

Shoes – I love shoes, flats, heels (but no wedges or kitten heels – obviously!) or platforms. I crave shoes. Every day (don’t tell the boy) I search for shoes. I am currently in love with these lovelies. Alexander McQueen Heart Peep toes! Only $929!! In my dreams!

Alexander McQueen

Good unpretentious food – don’t get me wrong. I love a good bit of pretentious food and I really appreciate living in London and eating fabulous food - lobster carpaccio with sea anemone foam, a tasting of Alsatian choucroute (well that was in San Francisco), toffee apple soufflé – I’m so there. However there is a reason restaurants only serve a few people at a time – they can only cook and serve a few at a time! Now it is possible to serve a good simple food en masse. I love the idea of everyone having a choice of meal. For me I love good British food. There is simply nothing better than roasted British beef served with mounds of purple sprouting broccoli, goose fat roasted potatoes and hundreds of Yorkshire puddings. Mmmmm. Oh my now I’m hungry.

Fascinators – I have never been one for fabulous clothes. Maybe because I am 5 foot 2” and generally clothes never look as amazing as they do on my giant friends! However, one thing I can use to compensate is a magnificent fascinator. Now I do not mean a few meagre feathers with some ugly diamantes stuck on. I mean one of these! (Ooo the prices have increased since I bought my one – and I did take off the faux pearls but I love it all the same!)

Louise Oliver

Peonies – the deeper the pink the better – need I say more?

Finally small weddings – I love them. I know they are not suitable for everyone but I will labour the point until the day we wed (and probably beyond).

And so I give the floor to you – do you agree or disagree with me? What would you wish to add to the list?

I cannot wait to hear from you. I love your comments. Honestly, they make my day. Anna x


  1. Oh gosh. This list looks longer on here than I thought it would!

  2. I love fascinators! They are so lovely and add so much to an outfit. I've got to hunt one out for a wedding I'm going to in August, any good shop suggestions?

  3. Well, Louise Oliver, as above, has a shop in Wandsworth/Clapham. Please do not be put off by the awful website! Depending on how much you have to spend. If it's a little you can find a few nice ones on eBay. Be warned most on eBay are hideous! Trust me I have looked.

    Also another random tip. Try BHS (little bit ashamed to be promoting this!) Don't look on the website it will make you sad but according to a rather well heeled friend of mine -BHS is the place to be. Mainly because no-one else will go there!

    Otherwise if you have more to spend there are a multitude of fabulous Milliners in London. For example Gina Foster, Stephen Jones (who has an exhibition at the V&A at the moment) or Philip Treacy - oh how I loved the butterfly creation that either Eugenie or Beatrice wore to the last Royal wedding.

    Finally if all is lost I would recommend etsy or the British version Folksy.

    Do let me know what you find. I love over the top fascinators. Hope to hear from you soon. Anna x

  4. Urgh Tiffany's, urgh carpet and urgh chocolate fountains - totally with you on all of those.
    But big love for peonies, unpretentious food, shoes (although I am fond of a wedge!) and fascinators - have you seen these guys ? Based in LA unfortunately but so pretty and inspiring!

    Oh and PS – adore your ring. Mine is similar but an emerald and is my boy’s grandmother’s – hooray for loved vintage jewels!

  5. Oh of course fabulous and Jennifer Behr - she's great. And there is someone else who I can't quite think of at the moment. Watch this space! Ax

    Yey for family heirlooms! I love emeralds too. I just find huge diamonds a bit sparkly - I know that sounds stupid! I love my little diamonds though.

    Also I do not allow you to like wedges - seriously though like it matters what shoes people like - it doesn't make them bad! My opinion is my opinion - that's all. Our differences are why we aren't all the same. I love not liking everything someone else likes otherwise how dull would life be?!

    Sorry for the blatant use of exclamation marks.

  6. in defence of my liking wedges ... I'm 5'9 and they stop me wobbling and falling over plus they are better on grass (i.e. weddings!)
    I'm with you on the kitten heels though if that makes it any better?

  7. He he. I'm 5'2" and have given up hope of ever being tall. Indeed at the last wedding I attended I did wear some seriously high shoes, managed to navigate the cobbles but then slipped on something and fell magnificnetly with little old ladies coming over asking me if I needed help getting up. On the plus side I was wearing some fuchsia cashmerey tights from M&S and they didn't even seem to notice. Top marks for marks! Can we be friends again!!

    Also I remembered the other fab lady - Sheena Holland - awesome!

  8. What a lovely list- yay for things that make you happy!
    And am most tempted by the salted caramels,they sound delish! And on the fascinator tip,I'm sure you have been to VV rouleaux,the paradise gardens for all things beribboned and bejewelled. The one in Sloane Square always has fascinating fripperies in the window. V good for inspiration.

  9. Oh of course. Though it scares me so - too much choice.

    Also I think Basia Zarzycka is next door. Some interesting designs - look online - I dare you!

  10. I love BZ.. isn't it the most incredible shop?! 'Alladin's cave' doesn't even cover it.
    It has a very special place in my heart because I bought my wedding necklace and earrings from her,they were among the more subtle things in the shop!

  11. So true. I'm not too sure about the poodle things!


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