Tuesday, 26 May 2009

macarons or macaroons?

Not an entirely thrilling question. However it is one that has me puzzled.

I obviously mean these lovelies.

I was under the impression that they were spelt macaron. Macaroons whilst a tasty coconut treat, in my opinion, are not a patch on these beauties.

Even LadurĂ©e, oh fabled one, spell the luscious macaron with two o’s. So answers on a postcard please!

What a thrilling question or was this post just a poorly veiled excuse for pretty, pretty pictures?

Apologies for lack of photo credit


  1. Normally I'm a stickler for proper spelling and I would look into what the right way to spell the name for these is, but when they're so delicious and beautiful I just can't bring myself to care!

  2. A fair point! They are fabulous. I need to pop over to the shop in Piccadilly just now they apparently have bergamot and also lily of the valley flavours. Oh the joy!

  3. I would go for the first selection!
    The really colorful macarons....
    mhmmmm they look like a lot of fun...damn...
    now its midnight and I am in Berlin...
    no chance to get funky macarons like that now.

  4. I've been wondering that too, its spelt differenty in different places. I wish there was somewhere I could get some in Leeds!

  5. Agreed! it's macarons in this case.


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