Tuesday, 26 May 2009

i cried last night

I don’t know whether this is blog appropriate but we have a little mouse infestation. Now I would be happy if they were just running through our flat to get somewhere but they started attacking our pantry (well food cupboard!)

So we needed to do something. We started with a live trap which was obviously not tempting anyone. So we moved on to the horrible death traps. I’m not a vegetarian or spiritually inclined but I find it unsettling to have the power to decide what lives or dies.

Unfortunately the death traps worked. I was fine when the mouse we found was dead but last night I heard a trap go off and found this poor wee mouse dying. I just found this so distressing. At work I have watched people die. I know what to do to try and make them feel more comfortable (whatever that really means) but I could nothing to help this poor little thing. I felt helpless. All I could do was apologise for something so dreadful and hope that his little friends do not come to our little house again.

Rest in peace little one. I am sorry.


  1. Oh, how horrible. And traumatic for you.

    We had a mouse infestation in our old flat and it was awful, they were all over the house and in our food and we were getting horrible upset stomachs from them being in our kitchen. We tried the live traps but they were useless so we had to kill them and it was heartbreaking. I'm vegetarian and at the time we also had a few pet hamsters so it was all the more traumatic. We got something called a rat zapper that uses a really strong electric current to kill them instantly so although it's still not nice it's less cruel and there's less likelihood of them suffering long drawn out deaths. It's also like a little box so the mouse is inside it and you can just tip it into the bin without having to see it. Which obviously makes me completely spineless but so be it!

  2. poor mousey. poor you.
    this story makes me so sad.
    let's start talking about macaroons again...

  3. I'm tough really. It just took me by surprise I guess.

  4. Poor mousie :( if you get another little fluffy visitor again, try chocolate. The mousies in our house turn their whiskers up at cheese but they're always suckered into the humane traps by chocolate. Cadburys buttons especially.
    And poor you :(


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