Sunday, 31 May 2009

before I continue

Recently, in my mini hiatus/haze I have been thinking how much I enjoy the anonymity a blog provides but conversely I find that it is difficult to explain things fully without offering a bit more of myself to you.

So before I can go on, I feel that I really need to let people (or do I just mean myself) know a little more about me.

I guess I hope to find it cathartic and it will help me and hopefully, albeit somewhat more ambitiously, you help me in my quest towards marriagedom and the future in general!

So here's to random posts about me. Do not fret they shall be interspersed with loveliness!

I hope you don't mind?


  1. Yay for random posts! Of course we don't mind :)

  2. no way! love the random posts :)
    it's true though, i'm having a hard time in my blog, treading the line between too much personal info and not enough....

  3. I can't wait to read more random posts about you! I love random posts, I fear that my blog is consisted *entirely* of random posts.


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