Thursday, 1 March 2012

So today is the...

...I am finally....

   ....far from the wedding crowd.

                 I really hope you enjoy this.

                               Please come and join me here.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

a teeny tiny sneak peek

Well you did ask for a teeny tiny sneak peek.

Are you ready?

It is teeny tiny but it is rather revealing!

Hmmm well it appears one of the F's might stand for far.

Speculate away my lovely readers!

T minus 2 and counting.

Oh ladies and gentlemen,

I am so excited. The site is looking pretty hot!

I cannot wait to unveil things now!

If you are bride reading this I want to hear from you. What do you want from a wedding blog? I have my own ideas but to make it work I need your feedback. Think style with substance and ask me anything!

If you are a supplier I would love to send you a media pack. You'll get a delicious sneak peek at the new name for the website!

Please just get in touch -

You are important. So let's talk.

Monday, 27 February 2012

monday morning and it's time to go

Don't forget I am launching a new website this week! Eeek.

If you are interested in sponsoring the new site or a bride wanting to talk about important issues or with a question to ask. I want to hear from you. (If you happen to have a little prize to offer the readers I would really like to hear from you too!) Just email me at 

So who stayed up to watch the Oscar's red carpet?

Oh yes that would have been me if I hadn't accidentally fallen asleep.

However if you are a bride right now you should be looking at the red carpet for your bridal inspiration. It's not all about boobs and legs. You can look delicious and demure.

Well you don't have to use the slit to expose all your thigh. I do love this velvet dress by Atelier Versace. It is beautiful. Could you work white or cream velvet? 

Or perhaps a huge bow for your ladies? How I would love to see this in white. Giambattista Valli knows how to work fuchsia.

 Perhaps my favourite look of the night. Tom Ford. Tom Ford with a cape. Hello lover. Please, please can a bride do something similar - this is an epic look.

Hello McQueen - you knew it was before anyone opened their mouth. If you have the budget to have this made in a cream or perhaps gold on gold I want to meet you!

You may already know Johanna Johnson but if not you need to look at her work now. Gloriously feminine gowns for all women.

Lanvin. This is call for all mothers in law. You can look glamorous at your child's wedding. Gorgeous.

Elie Saab. Sparkly but chic.

Just to show you don't have to be tiny to make sparkles work, Tadashi Shoji show how to make the ladies look good.

It may have slightly highlighted her very slight frame, there is still something very exciting about this Vivienne Westwood.

Marchesa had many gowns on the red carpet. This was by far my favourite. Can you imagine this all cream as a wedding dress. Yes I very much can!

This was slightly panned, by I love a high neck and long sleeves for me Valentino worked it!

Oh and the boys did well too. Did you see Christopher Plummer. How dashing!

All images courtesy of Getty Images.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

sunday fun

So it's Sunday. Perhaps your day of rest?

Not for me, I am beavering away trying to make the new site awesome. I am starting with a bang with some amazing competitions to get you a little excited but I am not underestimating how much I need you for this to be a success.

I need you. More than ever before.

I have some pretty exciting ideas. You know me for style (I think) and substance (I hope). There will be lots of style. Oh you will come to love Tuesdays - I have exciting fashion plans! Yet you know how I think you can love style and fashion and still be allowed to think. So I cannot wait for you to get involved with important discussions and be tantaslised by a little controversy. 

I want the new site to be somewhere you can feel safe and ask questions. I want to be a hub where one can cogitate on the married state, if you will!

So in light of that I want to hear from you. I want to know your troubles and questions. Whether they be about finding the perfect shoes (although perfection is a contentious subject around here!) or worries about whether you really should be getting married and everything inbetween. Talk to me, if I don't know the answer I will know someone who will.

Also the new site is not just for the ladies. Bean will be flying the banner for boys too. So please get your boys asking questions. Bean, the dandy, knows all about men's fashion and style and wants to help. He also has experienced a gamut of difficult wedding situations and wants to help you deal with those too, beancause you're worth it.

So don't delay - fill my inbox with queries and quandaries. Right now it's - I really want to hear from you!

Oh and don't forget to tell any girl you know who might be interested in proposing to her one true love on February 29th to enter this competition right now!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Marry Me Afternoon Giveaway - Ends on Monday!

I have an amazing little competition for those who may be lurking who aren't quite engaged just yet. It is a leap year and well are you looking to take the bull by the horns?!

A delightful tea with the Golden Afternoon Tea Company via Thomas Bowles

The yummy Golden Afternoon Tea Company and the lovely Rose Tinted Days want to offer one lucky lady the opportunity to propose to their one true love in style.

You will win a scrumptious afternoon tea, English Rose menu that includes sandwiches, scones and the nicest cakes possible, all beautifully laid out with vintage china in a setting of your choice; your home or a park- if this spring-like weather holds. They'll even provide a bottle of fizz to celebrate because, of course the answer will be YES!

Even better you will also win an sweet engagement shoot at a later date!

All you need to do is pop over the the Golden Afternoon Tea Company Facebook page here, like it and leave a little comment - feel free to be cryptic - we want this to be a surprise too! Then if drop a little email to tell them about you and your love!

For more details click here.

Please note they can only cover the London area for the Marry Me afternoon tea. Winner will be announced on Monday 27th. If you have any question please email

Friday, 24 February 2012

a brave new world

So fingers crossed this time next week things will be a little different.

There will be a new blog. Crikey!

So each day until then I shall be posting a few teasers here and about. 

Here is the first tease.

aka fun with glowsticks

I'm so excited that this is going to be a great new place for brides and grooms and everyone to come and think and be inspired.

I'm not your usual blogger so you should expect it to be a little different from the norm but with plenty of Anna!

So how can I get you excited? I want you to be involved. The whole premise of the new site is to be less about me and more about you.

Do you think you might want to join me?

I may even start liking a few people on twitter with the new name!

Would really really love to hear from you.

Anna x


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